Bond star Daniel Craig now knows what viral ‘The Weekend’ Twitter account is all about

Daniel Craig now finally knows of the existence of a Twitter account that went viral using a meme of him.

It all began after Craig appeared on SNL in March 2020 and introduced that week’s musical guest, The Weeknd.

Soon after the show aired, a clip of Craig went viral which saw the actor saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, The Weeknd”, in a world weary voice with his arms outstretched.

Since July 2020, Twitter account @CraigWeekend has posted the meme every Friday to its followers to celebrate the arrival of the weekend; the account now has almost half a million followers.

Speaking to The New York Times, Craig, who doesn’t use social media, responded by telling a reporter he’d never heard of the viral account.

“I don’t know what that is, but thank you,” said Craig. He later added: “That’s lovely” when he saw the account and realise what it was.

Craig also recalled his audition for the role of James Bond and how he thought the invite was initially a joke in the same interview.

Speaking to The New York Times, Craig, whose last film as Bond is now in cinemas, admitted that he thought he would be someone who “was just amongst the mix – someone to dismiss”, he told the publication.

He went on to say that, at best, he thought he’d be offered a role of a villain: “Here you go, have a baddie,” he recalled.

Soon after the audition, he was cast as Ian Fleming’s famous spy, first playing the role in Casino Royale, which was released in 2006. His follow-up films were Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre and the newly released No Time To Die, which is Craig’s final outing as Bond.

Reviewing the film this week, The Independent said: “Cary Joji Fukunaga has made a smashing piece of action cinema with No Time to Die – it’s just a shame it had to be a Bond film. For all the delays, the rumours around Danny Boyle’s departure, the months spent building up Daniel Craig’s final farewell in the role, what’s most disappointing about the film is how strangely anti-climatic the whole thing feels.”