Booker Has The Goods | Dunk Bait

LaJethro Jenkins recaps the NBA playoffs so far.

Video Transcript

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Booker has the goods, OK? [INAUDIBLE] about the Nuggets versus Suns. We just saw Joker getting jumped on live television. He got jumped by the Suns, and all of his teammates just sat and watched. He's good, but not good enough to be all that firepower on the Suns. Chris Paul's too good, Booker's too good, Ayton's too good. [BLEEP] Bridges is too good. He's out playing MPJ right now, OK?

The Nuggets might not have won another game. It's the Suns. We'll probably see the Suns, Jazz in the Western Conference Finals. And I would love to see the Suns in the NBA Finals. That team is fun. I'm a 'Bron guy, you know I love 'Bron, but I'm not mad that I'm watching Booker and these Suns do their thing right now.

And I think the NBA has something special in Booker. They've been ignoring it for so long. It's time he gets his love. Put some marketing behind that man, you know what I mean? He is the cool guy that you are trying to make all these other guys be. Booker has the goods. Booker has the goods. Booker has the goods, OK? He's the future.

I love the Sixers-Hawks series. Embiid is great. Trae Young is so good, so exciting. It's good to see a young buck like him get the love he deserves. He's been underrated because he came in with Luka, and there was that cloud hanging over him all the time, but I think he's really good. I love what he's doing.

I don't think the Hawks win another game. Once the Sixers realized, put one of your insane defenders on Trae, once you slow Trae down, once they realize that, the Sixers have lost one quarter since. The first two quarters, they got destroyed with Danny Green guarding Trae Young. Danny Green has a history of being a great defender, he doesn't have the feet anymore. When they put Thybulle or Simmons on Trae, it slows him down, and they've only lost one quarter since.

I don't think they lose another game. And with Embiid playing the way he played last game and people coming off the bench playing that good, it's going to be hard for the Hawks to pull it out. So as much as I love Trae Young, as much as I love that young Hawks team-- I think they'll be really good in the future. I don't see them win another game. I think the Sixers take it from here on out. And I think the games will be fun, I just don't think it'll be competitive, as far as the number of wins.

When it comes to the Clippers-Jazz, I don't care. I want them both to lose. Can they both lose? Is that possible? I should care. They're good basketball teams. I don't, though. I don't. One thing that's interesting is seeing that Paul George is edging closer to the great Bob Cousy in having the most games shooting more than 15 shots, and shooting under 25%. That's something interesting to watch. Will he beat the great top 50 player of all time, Bob Cousy, and in more games, shooting under 25%? We'll see on the next episode.

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