BOOKS: Sure Enough: Wasyl 'Bill' Wojtaszewski

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May 13—Wasyl "Bill" Wojtaszewski has lived an extraordinary life.

Surviving childhood in war-torn Europe, creating a church as a youth, an apprenticeship as an optician in Brazil, coming to America where he opened an optical shop in New Jersey, a pastor, a missionary and now living in Lake Park.

Wojtaszewski chronicles his life in his memoir, "Sure Enough: Miracles from World War II to World Missions."

It is a page-turning read.

Wojtaszewski steps full throttle into his life story, reaching back to his childhood in Poland during the Nazi occupation.

He opens with the night his parents were arrested by Partisans who left young Wasyl alone with his even younger baby sister; while at a nearby relative's home, the family receives misinformation that his parents have been executed.

But his parents are alive and escape. Reunited, the family moves across Europe as political structures change during the course and end of the war. At one point, the Catholic family is transported in a box car, spartan but luxurious compared to others being shipped to concentration camps. The family is not assigned to a concentration camp but their challenges continue.

The family eventually converts from being Catholic to Baptist. A move that forever changed Wojtaszewski's life.

Wojtaszewski shares his faith throughout this memoir. Each chapter and sub-chapter starts with a verse of scripture. It reads as much as his testament of witness as his life story.

As the cover blurb states, he has penned the book as a guide that difficulties in life can be met, endured and overcome with faith.

It further notes that: — Difficult circumstances may contribute to something larger than yourself. — God's perfect timing is not the same as yours. — God will bless your efforts when you make yourself available. — God has placed callings on your life. Boldly pursue them!

Though retired from his optical shop, Wojtaszewski remains involved in mission work.

The book is available on various book websites.