BOOKS: Why Can't They See Me: P.G. Tripp

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Jul. 10—P.G. Tripp writes a tale of a brutal life lived unseen.

In "Why Can't They See Me," she writes of a harrowing life — one filled with the loss of a father at an early age, a difficult childhood and youth, an adulthood of betrayals, misunderstandings, missed opportunities and people who should be friends or family poised as enemies.

"Her goals to be seen had taken her on a journey through darkness," according to the blurb on the back of this locally written book. "As the journey progressed, she grew deathly weary, barely able to cling to hope. Would there be any light to guide her to safety? At what point had her journey taken her so deep into the world's darkness?"

Tripp is an interior designer living in Valdosta and a graduate of Valdosta State University. She is a member of Azalea City Church of God and its Women of Authority organization.

She has spent most of her life in Georgia and several references to Georgia are made in the book.

Tripp writes in a conversational style that takes readers deep into the mind and soul of the writer. When a reader may expect a light at the end of a dark storm, more troubles come.

Still, "Why Can't They See Me" is ultimately a story of redemption and rescue. A message of hope that is a long time coming for desperate people.

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