Borat 2: David Walliams, Jimmy Carr and Ann Widdecombe tricked into fake audition in new online prank

Jacob Stolworthy
·1 min read

A pair of YouTube pranksters have tricked several celebrities, including David Walliams and Jimmy Carr, into auditioning for a fake Borat film.

Josh Pieters and Archie Manners also managed to ensnare Ann Widdecombe, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards, actor David Spade and reality star Stephen Bear for their latest prank.

They convinced the stars to “audition” for a “third” Borat film over Zoom, and the video – made in conjunction with Amazon – shows them auditioning for characters, including the ambassador of Kazakhstan.

Walliams especially can be seen going the extra mile with an audition the pranksters branded “world-class”.

At one point, they convince Widdecombe to say Borat's “very nice” catchphrase a total of four times.

The YouTubers went to such extreme lengths to make the project seem legitimate that they wrote an entire script to send to the celebrities' agents.

Each person who auditioned were aware that Borat creator Sacha Baron Cohen hadn’t written it.

“It's sort of hilarious that nobody noticed that these scripts were clearly utterly bonkers,” Manners said.

Pieters told Insider: “We got ourselves into the spirit of Borat and tried our best to write something as true to Borat as possible.”

The video comes after Borat 2 was released on Amazon Prime Video.

Pieters and Manners made headlines last year after tricking Katie Hopkins into picking up a “completely fake” award in Prague.

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