Bored of your Ikea furniture? They'll buy it back

Bored of your Ikea flatpack furniture?

Well, now the Swedish chain will buy it back…

The scheme will run from November 24 in 27 countries.

Ikea says it’s part of its aim to become a ‘fully circular and climate positive business’ by 2030.

Customers with ‘as new’ items can get back 50% of the purchase price.

Items with minor scratches earn 40%, and well-used ones 30%.

Customers will be paid with vouchers that have no expiry date.

There is one catch though.

All items have to be brought back fully assembled.

Tricky, perhaps, with, say, a big bookshelf.

Ikea though says the move is part of a stand against excessive consumption, not least ahead of the upcoming Black Friday global sales event.

It says any items taken back which can’t be sold will be recycled or donated to charity.

By 2021 it aims to have dedicated areas in every store where people can sell used items and find repaired and refurbished ones.

Last week the world’s biggest furniture chain said it saw sales returning to growth this year.

Ikea says this year’s events have made consumers want to spend more making their homes comfortable.

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