Boris Johnson hits out at SNP calls for second Scottish referendum

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hit out at the Scottish National Party, saying: 'The SNP want to divide us, to turn Scotland against itself, at this of all times,' during an address to the Scottish Conservatives Conference.

Video Transcript

PRIME MINISTER BORIS JOHNSON: The SNP can see, after the impact of Coronavirus, that people would want time to renew their lives and to rebuild relationships that have become stretched. They know that workers are concerned, primarily, about their jobs and businesses, are primarily concerned about their future. How can the SNP say that a referendum is the priority to them? It's the last thing they need right now. It's clear, though, that the SNP are just not listening. They're intent on pushing for a referendum regardless of the cost to Scotland and the whole of the UK.

So that means it falls to the Scottish conservatives to make them listen, to shift the focus in Scotland, from division and debate, and onto recovery and rebuilding. My friends, you're the only party that can stop an SNP majority, and their drive towards a second independence referendum.