Boris Johnson's narrow win dominates front pages

STORY: Reacting to Johnson's marginal triumph, The Times' front page pictured a glum-looking Johnson with the headline "a wounded victor".

The paper also brought Johnson's political future into question, asking whether he is a "dead man walking" in a separate feature on the vote.

The Sun newspaper led with the headline "Night of the Blond Knives" in reference to the 148 lawmakers who voted against Johnson in Monday's vote.

Though victorious, the vote was a blow to Johnson, with 41% of his lawmakers casting ballots against his leadership after months of scandals and gaffes that has raised questions over his authority to govern Britain and knocked his standing among the public.

A total of 211 lawmakers cast ballots in favour of Johnson, while 148 of his own MPs declared no confidence in the Conservative Party leader, giving him a narrow victory of just 63 votes.

Johnson has been under increasing pressure after he and staff held alcohol-fuelled parties in his Downing Street office and residence when Britain was under lockdown to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.