Borrell proposes EU to provide additional 3.5 billion in military aid to Ukraine

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Josep Borrell
Josep Borrell

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According to the report, Borrell asked EU governments for additional resources for the European Peace Facility (EPF), which has already contributed approximately EUR 4.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

An anonymous EU source stated that Borrell decided to request more money because the EPF is running low, and the EU's foreign policy service wanted to ensure that it had enough money to finance military aid to other countries, as well as Ukraine.

“We have to top up...,” the source said.

“The gist of the European Peace Facility ... has a universal character. It was not conceived by Ukraine. It was conceived for any conflict that the European Union could deal with.”

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On May 5, the European Union agreed to allocate EUR 1 billion from the EPF for the purchase of ammunition and missiles for Ukraine.

On March 20, the foreign ministers of EU countries agreed on a plan for joint procurement and supply of ammunition to Ukraine in the amount of EUR 2 billion.

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The Financial Times previously reported that Ukraine has asked the EU for 250,000 artillery shells per month to maintain the pace of resisting the Russian invasion.

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