Bosnian woman awarded 'Green Nobel'

This Bosnian activist was awarded a 'Green Nobel'

Maida Bilal spent 503 days guarding the Kruscica River

against a proposed mini-hydropower plant

Location: Kruscica, Bosnia and Herzegovnia

(SOUNDBITE) (Bosnian) Environmental activist, MAIDA BILAL, SAYING:

"We defended the river for 503 days, 24 hours a day. If necessary, we will defend it for 5,300 more days. We will defend it as long as there are people here who were born here and who live along this river. / "Since August 2 (2017) we have been protecting the river day and night. We built a tent and formed shifts. Since there are people from the village here, who have to leave this place and go to work, we had to make a system to be on duty by our river and to keep it safe."

She was named the European winner of the 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize

honoring grassroots environmental pioneers from around the world

VARIOUS OF RIVER / BILAL AND OTHER ACTIVISTS WALKING TOWARDS CAMERA, VOICEOVER SAYING (English):"For outstanding environmental achievement for Europe, the 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize is awarded to Maida Bilal, Kruscica, Bosnia and Herzegovina."

(SOUNDBITE) (Bosnian) Environmental activist,, MAIDA BILAL, SAYING:"I wish to thank the Goldman Environmental Prize for this award and for the confidence in us. This gives us, the brave women of Kruscica, even more strength to continue with this struggle. Freedom for the rivers!"

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