Boston Area Restaurants Are Filling Up For Easter Brunch

WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

Video Transcript

- Restaurants are getting ready for what could be their busiest Sunday since the pandemic began. If you've tried to make a reservation, you know that many Easter Sunday brunches are already booked up.

And as WBZ's Mike Lacrosse shows us tonight, restaurants are more than happy to welcome back the crowds.

JASON PERCIVAL: [INAUDIBLE] White balsamic vin. Can you put some trees in there for me.

MIKE LACROSSE: The menu is set for Easter brunch at Harvest in Cambridge's Harvard Square.

- We're going to be filled.

MIKE LACROSSE: The restaurants socially distanced tables are fully booked for Sunday.

JASON PERCIVAL: Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. We'll be able to open up the patio. Right now, it's a little too far in advance to tell. But that'll give us certainly a lot more space to work with it if the sun comes up.

MIKE LACROSSE: For a lot of restaurants like Citrus and Salt here in Boston's Back Bay, this is the first major holiday they've sold out in over a year. Bartenders will be creating Easter themed cocktails for the sold out crowd.

REBEKAH JACKSON: It is exciting. Yeah. We're looking forward to it. Looking forward to the fast paced service again. I mean, our patio is open again. So that's always exciting to have people outside and inside, lots of running around.

BOB LUZ: Easter, spring time, outdoors. It just makes sense, right? You can do it safely at our restaurants.

MIKE LACROSSE: The Massachusetts Restaurant Association is seeing a renewed interest in people dining out.

BOB LUZ: We're excited about having a full venue on Easter, but we have a long road to recovery here.

MIKE LACROSSE: Owners, managers, and staff are smiling under those masks as old friends start walking through the doors again.

JASON PERCIVAL: It's great to see a lot of familiar faces coming back to us.

MIKE LACROSSE: In Cambridge, I'm Mike Lacrosse, WBD0 BBC News.