Boston Barber Recovering From Open-Heart Surgery After Freak Accident

Speaking from his hospital bed, Boston barber Steve Silva says he grateful to be alive after a freak accident. WBZ-TV's Beth Germano reports.

Video Transcript

STEVE SILVA: --keep positive and just kind of make a joke of it, like, could I get some no-slip shoes, maybe?

- Now at 5:30, a Boston barber trying to make light of the freak accident that nearly took his life. Tonight, Steve Silva is in the hospital recovering after a pair of scissors went right into his chest. And he knows just how lucky he is to be alive to tell his story. WBZ's Beth Germano has the interview you saw first on CBSN Boston.

STEVE SILVA: Half-inch? So left lucky. Maybe even less.

BETH GERMANO: A half-inch with these scissors. Barber Steve Silva says that's how close it came to a life-threatening injury. A surveillance video shows him suddenly tripping as he cut a client's hair last Friday at Boston Barber on Beacon Hill.

STEVE SILVA: So when I slipped, I kind of like put my hands out and my scissors are in my right ring finger, so they were extended in. That's when I put my hands out to catch my fall.

BETH GERMANO: And that's when the scissors punctured his chest as he went down. You can see him kneeling on the floor as a coworker, Sarah, and client, Max, rush to help, likely saving his life.

STEVE SILVA: They said, she got paper towels. Max got the regular towels, and they were switching them back and forth.

BETH GERMANO: They applied pressure until EMTs arrived, rushing him to what would be open-heart surgery. Silva, who punctured an artery in his heart, says he didn't know how serious it was until--

STEVE SILVA: Obviously I've seen everyone's faces, and I kind of felt my chest tightening a little bit. I'm like, OK, I might have did a little more damage than I thought.

BETH GERMANO: He's just out of ICU, speaking to us from his hospital bed, grateful to be alive after the freak accident, and grateful for something else. The incision never touched a recent tattoo with the names of two brothers who passed away.

STEVE SILVA: They went around it. And I'm very happy about that. I actually couldn't believe it.

BETH GERMANO: Steve Silva says if he can survive the pandemic and the period of unemployment it brought to this business, he can certainly survive this. And he figures he'll have a new nickname.

STEVE SILVA: The Beacon Hill klutz.

BETH GERMANO: He hasn't lost the sense of humor that's a constant on the job he's loved for four years, but plans to make one change.

STEVE SILVA: Gonna get some no-slip shoes, maybe?

BETH GERMANO: And believes sheer luck is on his side that he'll get back to work. Beth Germano, WBZ News.