Bostonians look for fun ways to deal with aggravating snow storms

Boston residents are thinking up creative ways to battle cabin fever, as snow continues to accumulate throughout the city.

The city recorded 0.4 inches early Thursday morning, just after midnight, raising the season total thus far to 96.7 inches, according to the National Weather Service. This new figure surpasses the 1993-94 total moving this winter into second place for snowfall in one season ever.

Julius Gloeckner, originally from Germany, took advantage of the three feet of snow covering his backyard in of Cambridge, Mass., by going for a swim. He was not able to swim very far in the snow, so he just went through the motions in place. See the video of Gloeckner above.

Still, it was bold of Gloeckner, who had been an All-American swimmer for Louisiana State University for four years, to foray into the wintry chill with nothing on except for a speedo, swimming goggles, and a swim cap.

“It is one blizzard after the next! Once you think that’s it, another one appears on the radar,” Gloeckner said in an interview with Yahoo News. “The car was completely snowed in. It would take at least a half hour to dig out, and the roads are crowed.”

Gloeckner and his fiancée, Emily Weil, were stuck at home but they decided the the crummy weather was not going to get the best of them.

“We thought let’s just have some fun out of it. Let’s not let the snow ruin our weekend. Let’s just do something fun and silly,” he said.

Earlier this month, another fun-loving guy was spotted skiing through the city's streets.

Other city residents have been sharing just how overhwleming the winter weather has been, outlining their struggles with posts on social media.

But, like the skier, not everyone is letting the snow get them down.

An Imgur user and a couple of friends shoveled out a pit from the snow that stood as tall as a fence, where they could start a fire pit, kick back, and drink beer with each other.

On day 57 of the storm, the poster joked, Bostonians have accepted their fate as Canadians.

Others are shooting videos of themselves jumping, flipping, and diving into the freshly fallen powder – at times from second floor windows.

It’s all part of a social media craze called the Boston Blizzard Challenge.

Needless to say, Mayor Marty Walsh is not impressed with the foolhardy stunts and hijinks. At a press conference on Tuesday, he said that their city is not the New Hampshire ski resort Loon Mountain, and that foolishly leaping out windows can be fatal.

“You could kill yourself. So I’m asking people to stop the nonsense right now,” he said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Still, the challenge attracted a lot of fans.

Several Twitter users from New England and beyond decided to upbraid the mayor – facetiously or not – for being a buzz-kill.

Other Boston residents decided to brave the elements in nothing but their underwear, for a less dangerous though still uncomfortable take on the Boston Blizzard Challenge.