New Boston Council questions golf carts on their main roads

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Jul. 22—NEW BOSTON — The use of golf carts on the main roads in New Boston was one of the main items on the New Boston Village Council meeting Tuesday agenda.

An ordinance authorizing the operation of low-speed- under-speed or utility vehicles within the Village of New Boston was brought up for a first reading Tuesday, leading to a lengthy discussion.

Council spoke on the speed section of the ordinance listing 25 mph and questioned if the council wanted to keep the speed at 25 mph or up it to 35 mph. Increasing the speed would mean that golf carts could be on both Gallia and Rhodes Avenue, the two main roads in New Boston.

"I suppose I have one question, is anyone really against allowing these," Village of New Boston Mayor Junior Williams asked the council. "The main hold up is the miles per hour speed limit. We obviously got a problem and got to put a speed limit in there, but this is just a first reading."

The council all stated they did not have issues allowing the golf carts within the Village but wanted to clarify a speed limit. There was also discussion on whether to inspect those vehicles once a year or once every three years following federal Ohio vehicle inspection laws.

Following the discussion, the ordinance was brought forth for a vote with Councilmen Imes, Mills and Ryan Ottney voting to keep the speed limit at 25 mph and a once every three-year inspection. Councilmen Meehan, Dan Fetty, and Korey Jones voted nay in hopes of changing the speed to 35 mph. Due to a tie, Mayor Williams broke the tie vote and voted on the First Reading to be approved and returned for its Second Reading at the next meeting.

During the meeting, the Village of New Boston Council also approved Larry Anderson as New Boston Police Lieutenant fulfilling his probationary year and being placed as Lieutenant permanently. Council members voted yes, except for Councilman Jon Mills placing a nay vote.

Also, in orders of the police department, two letters of recommendation for Cade Conley and Nicolas Kerns as police officers were received by the council to be hired on a one-year probationary period. All council members voted yes on both men, and they were hired.

Committee reports were read by Councilman Mike Meehan, Streets, Alleys & Buildings, referring to speed limits within the village and asked the mayor to schedule another committee meeting, which was then scheduled for Friday, July 23 2021, at 3:30 p.m.

The Village of New Boston will meet again on Aug. 3 at 6:30 p.m.

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