Boston Globe Runs 21 Pages of Obituaries as Coronavirus Fatalities Continue

As the coronavirus continued to claim lives in the past week, the paid death notices in this Sunday’s edition of The Boston Globe surged to 21 pages, up from 16 pages the Sunday before, the newspaper said.

For comparison, on the same Sunday last year – April 28, 2019 – the Globe ran seven pages of death notices, it said.

“Those seeking out the death notices might have noticed that they started on B-13 and B-14, with the Sports section interrupting until the notices picked back up on pages C-12 through C-31. The reason for that is as simple as it is devastating: The Globe ran out of room,” it added.

In this video, the many obituary pages are turned by a reader.

Marty Walsh, the mayor of Boston, said on Monday that Boston will not reopen on May 4, when the state’s non-essential business closures and stay-at-home advisory are currently set to expire.

As of Monday, Massachusetts had confirmed 56,462 cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, including 3,003 deaths. Credit: @Geeewizzzzzz via Storyful

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