Boston Mayor Kim Janey Says It Is 'Indefensible' If Police Knew About Child Abuse By Patrick Rose

In a press conference on Thursday, Janey addressed the accusations against former officer Patrick Rose Sr., 66, who is being accused of child sexual abuse by several accusers.

Video Transcript

KIM JANEY: I will not blame a child. I will not blame a victim who has been sexually assaulted. What I will continue to say is that if an officer has been accused of sexually abusing a child and that abuse was sustained by this department and that officer was not terminated, that is indefensible.

What is important moving forward is that we understand the process, and how that could have been. And that is why, Attorney Everett, I will be leading the work for the Office of Police Accountability and Transparency, to understand just that. The focus is on the process.

We will not revictimize survivors in this case. This is not about pointing fingers. This is understanding what happened in terms of the process.