Boston Police Brace For Potential Summer Crime Spike

WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

Video Transcript

- The weather is getting warmer and Boston leaders are worried will see a spike in violence. Thank you for joining us. I'm Anaridis Rodriguez.

- I'm Paula Ebben. In past years when the heat moved in, crime went up between January and May of 2020. There were 64 shootings in Boston, but that number more than tripled by late September. As WBZ's Mike LaCrosse shows us the mayor says, she has a plan to keep the city safe.

- I'm concerned it's going to be a rough summer.

- As the summer months approach, some Boston residents are worried there'll be a spike in violent crimes on city streets. Many are calling on their fellow neighbors to help be part of the solution.

- We just got to get involved.

- If you see anything that's out of the norm, just call the police.

- A message echoed by Boston Police Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins and acting mayor Kim Janey.

- Maintaining public safety is a Citywide responsibility that we all share.

- Janey outlining a five point plan to prevent summer violence that focuses on providing opportunities for young people. This while DA Rollins stressed the courts are not closed and that people are being prosecuted for their crimes.

- We have held individuals accountable while all of us have been trying to get through a global pandemic.

- Today's news conference coming ahead of the unofficial start to summer, Boston Police chief Gregory Long says extra patrols will be in all city neighborhoods this long weekend.

- Kind of the wrinkle this year is on Saturday. Everyone well knows COVID restrictions have been lifted. That's the great unknown for us.

- And we always worry at the beginning of the summer.

- Ruth Zakarin of the Massachusetts coalition to prevent gun violence says supporting communities hardest hit by the pandemic will help in the fight against violence.

- Local businesses are strong that communities again have the resources they need to be safe and well.

- And Mayor Janey is hoping that this will be a fireworks free summer after what we saw last year. And she's reminding people they're not only very dangerous, but they're illegal here in Massachusetts. Reporting from outside Boston Police headquarters, I'm Mike LaCrosse WBZ News.