Boston radio hosts troll Jimmy Garoppolo after horrid preseason showing

Josh Schrock

Let's not sugarcoat it -- Jimmy Garoppolo was not good in his preseason debut Monday night against the Denver Broncos

Let's also reiterate it was the preseason.

Regardless, Garoppolo went 1-for-6 for 0 (!) yards and one interception in the 49ers' 24-15 win at Mile High Stadium.

As you might expect. Jimmy G's poor performance in his first real action since tearing his ACL was a hot topic in the media Tuesday, especially in Garoppolo's former home of Boston.

When the New England Patriots traded Garoppolo to the 49ers in October of 2017, a majority of Boston sports radio hosts lost their collective minds, believing they'd dealt Tom Brady's heir right before TB12 was about to hang them up. Of course, things got better in Foxboro, another Super Bowl was won and Garoppolo got paid by the 49ers.

The narrative, of course, has flipped in Boston.

Now that Brady has taken the Patriots to two more Super Bowls, winning one, and seems set on playing until he's 45, there no longer is a need for the hand-wringing about the Garoppolo trade that once dominated the airwaves in the hotbed of the revolution. Instead, it's been replaced by something else that comes naturally to those that dominate the Beantown airwaves -- condescension and trolling.

Following Garoppolo's stinker in Denver, the fine folks over at "Felger and Mazz" on 98.5 The Sports Hub took to ripping the former Patriots quarterback because ... well, you can only talk about the Red Sox's putrid bullpen for so long. 

If you didn't laugh at "The Italian Osweiler" then I can't help you.

It's all laughs for the folks in Boston right now. But with Brady's contract potentially ending after this season should it not get reworked, there's always the possibility that the six-time Super Bowl champion ditches Boston to come back to the Bay and finish his career in red and gold. Right, Chris Long? Right?

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If there's any justice in the world (there isn't), the Patriots will be stuck with the real Osweiler once Brady says goodbye to 1 Patriot Place. Until then though, the Boston radio brigade can troll its heart out. 

Boston radio hosts troll Jimmy Garoppolo after horrid preseason showing originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area