Boston Students Return To Classrooms After Approved Delay

WBZ-TV's Louisa Moller reports.

Video Transcript

- Well, David, as of today, thousands of students are back in the classroom full time. Some after a one week break, but others after months, if not a year of remote learning. WBZ's Louisa Moller is live in Watertown tonight with a look at the precautions schools are taking to keep everyone safe. Louisa?

LOUISA MOLLER: Yeah, Lisa, COVID-19 testing is the primary tool to make sure kids don't pass around the virus after vacation. Buses were buzzing around school districts all over the state Monday, and the return to in-person learning after April break also comes with some COVID precautions.

- I think it's a good idea.

LOUISA MOLLER: Like in Watertown, where families are encouraged to participate in pool COVID testing.

ANNA NOLIN: We are. We're offering pool testing for all of our students who are in school, K to age 22. And our local Board of Health has also mandated that if students are doing any extracurricular activities of any type, whether that's athletics or clubs that meet in person, they want them to be pool tested as well.

LOUISA MOLLER: Natick superintendent Anna Nolan says roughly 400 students participated in pool testing today, with Natick High School to return to full in-person learning on Thursday. And Abington even set up these COVID testing tents run by school nurses over the weekend.

BRENDA CASSELLIUS: But this time, it feels really different. It is wonderful to be in the schools, to see the joyous faces of our children.

LOUISA MOLLER: But it's not just back from break in Boston. It's back for good for K through eight students and some special education day schools. Most Massachusetts elementary schools returned to full in-person learning earlier this month, but Boston, and roughly 70 other districts submitted waivers delaying full time return until today. John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Jamaica Plain shared this photo on Twitter showing kids spaced apart on dots outside. That means three feet inside and six feet apart during lunch and recess.

BRENDA CASSELLIUS: We also have tents outside of our school building so that they can eat safely and not have too much weather on them, sun or rain.

LOUISA MOLLER: Now, to the state's guidelines. Most middle schools will return to full time in-person learning on Wednesday. Live in Watertown, Louisa Moller, WBZ News.