Bostonians Honor Memorial Day With Ceremonies At Robert Gould Shaw Memorial & USS Constitution

It was a day of tributes and remembrance across Boston on Monday for Memorial Day. WBZ-TV's Paul Burton reports.

Video Transcript

- Honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice on this Memorial Day. Good evening, I'm Paula.

- And I'm David Wade. And this is off tonight. All across the state, there were ceremonies and remembrances paying tribute to our fallen heroes. And as WBZ's Paul Burton shows us, many say it's important to take this time to remember.

PAUL BURTON: It was a day of tributes and remembrance on this Memorial Day.

- We salute you our veterans.

PAUL BURTON: And thanks to a reprieve from all the heavy rain, many spent the day visiting historical sites like the Robert Gullette Memorial on Boston Common was commemorates the men of the Massachusetts 54th, one of the first all Black regiments in the Civil War.

- And they marched out of Boston right here, right down Beacon Street. Many of the men did not return.

PAUL BURTON: The monument was recently restored. Today, folks like 68-year-old Benjamin Hill signed the book of history, marking his return and will later be archived in the Museum of African-American history.

- It's just such an important part of our history, of the country, of African-Americans as well. I just felt like I wanted to have that opportunity to give my support.

PAUL BURTON: Not too far away, the USS Constitution held a ceremony, which included a reading of names and a 21-gun salute.

- Just thinking about all the pain behind the names, so many people affected and feeling pain from the loss of their loved one.

PAUL BURTON: More than a dozen gold star families took part in the 21-gun salute on board the USS Constitution. For them, Memorial Day is far more than just a holiday.

- Just to never forget them.

PAUL BURTON: Gold star father Joel Silver is speaking about his son, Tanner Brock, who died while serving in the US Navy. He was only 24 years old.

- Seven years in the Navy. Two different aircraft carriers. And he was a good kid. He was a good kid.

PAUL BURTON: Emotional moments, touching tribute, in honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. In Boston, I'm Paul Burton, WBC News.