Boulder County-area home sales, Nov. 21, 2022

Nov. 24—The following data is supplied by Colorado Weekly Homebuyers List Inc. Listed are the buyer, the seller and the amount.


Jordan Johnson: 2510 Taft Drive Apt 302, Patrick Taylor Longworth, $151,200.

Dipika Kachhia: 3035 Oneal Parkway Apt T10, Jianhan and Lan Yu, $345,000.

George Boedecker: 6041 Olde Stage Road, Marie and Milan Halek, $385,000.

Anne Shaul: 2727 Folsom St. Apt 211, Masu LLC, $465,000.

Katherine Wei: 3236 47th St., Mitchell Revocable Trust, $700,000.

Andrew Mcmahan: 5547 Baca Circle, Carol Clark, $975,000.

Alyssa and Michele Basile: 4575 Tally Ho Trail, Robert Steven Nerem, $1,125,000.

Sophie Ramus: 1112 Union Ave., Tobin and Chrysanthe Munn, $1,200,000.

Catherine Phillips: 5562 Stonewall Place, Suzanne Lucia, $1,225,000.

Suzanne Lucia: 806 Brooklawn Drive, Paula Gene Trapp, $1,650,000.

Katherine and Nathan Ratledge: 955 10th St., Barry B Lewis, $1,665,000.

Laura Griggs: 1900 Folsom St., Jonathan Swirethompson, $1,725,000.

Nicole Grimm: 3673 Paonia St., Joseph M Demmler, $1,900,000.

David Olsky: 4148 Clifton Court, Andrew G Day, $1,900,000.

Darrell and Jennifer Seal: 405 Hapgood St., Elton and Christ Randall, $3,000,000.


Breanna Mackey: 17951 Galapagos St., Lennar Colo. LLC, $420,000.

Taylor Dorans: 13900 Lake Song Lane Unit P6, Dylan Brown, $445,000.

Christine and Daniel Walker: 13587 Clay Place, Deeanna Mondragon, $460,000.

Cynthia Rodriguez: 1116 Fern St., Opendoor Property Trust I, $502,000.

Connor Bergmann: 17848 Gallup St., Lennar Colo. LLC, $511,300.

Carol Gebhardt: 14241 Craftsman Way, Serena M Conway, $529,000.

Sandra and Stephanie Hoffman: 680 Daphne St., Martin and Susan Senser, $539,900.

Paula Gabr: 2031 Alcott Way, KB Home Colo. Inc., $541,000.

David Kloepfer: 13264 Niwot Trail, Stephanie Ross, $555,000.

Sarah Hix: 2045 Alcott Way, KB Home Colo. Inc., $555,700.

Matthew Plaut: 17856 Gallup St., Lennar Colo. LLC, $565,000.

Heather and Zachary Talbot: 2051 Alcott Way, KB Home Colo. Inc., $566,700.

Gretchen and Matthew Foster: 17860 Gallup St., Lennar Colo. LLC, $570,000.

Peiyuan Li: 11280 Bella Vita Drive, Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., $575,000.

Sara Madani: 3751 W 136th Ave. Unit G3, Thomas J Scholle, $587,000.

Erik Debloois: 13614 Plaster Circle, Richard and Kimberly Green, $590,000.

Vittal Cooduvalli: 13705 Del Corso Way, Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., $613,300.

Ann Andrews: 16631 Shoshone St., Thb Baseline LLC, $624,900.

Leonardo and Marcy Ascarrunz: 1140 Lilac St., Lynn and Michael Flynn, $625,000.

Sean Wernert: 17849 Gallup St., Lennar Colo. LLC, $631,000.

Keith and Margaret Marcy: 4716 Casco Place, Waye Revocable Trust, $640,000.

Abigail Guezmir: 16756 Tejon St., Weekley Homes LLC, $662,000.

Brian and Kimberly Fenimore: 16637 Shoshone St., Thb Baseline LLC, $685,000.

Christopher and Ashley Keller: 12795 Wolff Court, Eugene Connolly, $725,000.

Santanu and Manda Debnath: 16750 Tejon St., Weekley Homes LLC, $727,900.

John and Jill Barfield: 4440 Nelson Drive, Amber Haschenburger, $735,000.

Adam and Katherine Susa: 16668 Prospect Lane, Christina and Melinda Mathews, $900,000.

Allan and Jessica Reynolds: 13448 King Lake Trail, Steven and Stephanie Peace, $937,700.

Sunil and Lavanya Yerra: 16270 Graham Peak Way, Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., $1,122,400.

Eric and Idamarie Jonsen: 15784 White Rock Drive, Walter and Elizabeth Lowney, $1,225,000.


Gregory Peters: 155 Montgomery Drive, Leah Dianna Steele, $405,000.

Nirajan Shrestha: 1547 Cabot Aly, CalAtlantic Group LLC, $550,000.

Madeline Lee: 888 Gold Hill Drive, Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., $562,100.

Rajbir Athwal: 2461 Flats St., KB Home Colo. Inc., $578,100.

Eric Smyth: 923 Mircos St., Lynn Molitor, $600,000.

Mark and Kimberley Swanson: 369 Rodden Drive, KB Home Colo. Inc., $603,300.

Michael and Joni Reisinger: 381 Rodden Drive, KB Home Colo. Inc., $605,600.

Lee Anderson: 378 Simmons St., Lisa Hawkins, $615,500.

Kevin and Tesia Mcbride: 807 Golden Peak Drive, Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., $641,700.

Lisa and Steven Shoup: 920 Wildrose Place, Lennar Colo. LLC, $645,000.

Roger Heller: 1402 Stockton Drive, Tim and Kelly Williams, $650,000.

Mai and Jordan Nguyen: 474 Bear Peak Court, Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., $670,200.

Sarah Daniels: 332 Mora Place, Century Land Holdings LLC, $690,000.

Jeffrey Derman: 721 Boulder Peak Ave., Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., $723,400.

Rashmita Patel: 1880 Meagan Way, Lennar Colo. LLC, $725,000.

Joseph Morrey: 291 Maddox Lane, Lennar Colo. LLC, $730,000.

John and Tiffany Klosterman: 1904 Meagan Way, Lennar Colo. LLC, $730,000.

Clifford and Katherine Lane: 576 Gallegos Circle, Arthur and Stephanie Spektor, $752,500.

Mahesh and Kavitha Gundluru: 904 Bear Peak Road, Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., $783,800.

Mackenzie Fernandez: 1119 Northview Drive, Jody and Wendy Lambert, $790,000.

Matthew and Jennifer Crowe: 793 Carbonate Lane, Lyndsay Kubicekregev, $795,000.

Emily Carman: 381 Pleades Place, Robert and Elisa Davis, $815,000.

Jennifer and David Wolpoff: 1305 Greening Ave., Whitney K Coffie, $825,000.

Kelly and Dermot Oneill: 1891 Miranda Road, Lennar Colo. LLC, $825,000.

Robert and Nancy Norville: 650 Green Mountain Drive, Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., $825,000.

Daniela and Ryan Murray: 2367 Hickory Place, Joan and Joan Roberts, $910,000.

Jeffrey and Rachel Rummer: 4121 County Road 3, Eleanor C Ciriaco, $1,000,000.

Kenneth Beck: 721 Green Mountain Drive, Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., $1,108,400.


David Farmer: 1223 Picardy Place, John M Strang, $512,500.

Robert London: 1315 Centaur Village Court, Hidden River Adventures LLC, $685,000.

Thomas Buffaloe: 704 S Miller Ave., Patricia L Carr, $860,000.

Gillian Owen: 1908 Pioneer Circle, Kimberly and Chanc Woods, $1,151,600.

Octavio Gutierrez: 770 Rock Ridge Drive, Seth and Emma Miller, $1,175,000.

Chihta Lin: 2892 Shadow Lake Road, Curtis Family Trust, $1,195,000.

Stephen and Ann Shalen: 442 Blue Lake Trail, Jeffrey and Jessica Hebeler, $1,273,000.


Brad and Tricia Rumph: 801 Confidence Drive Unit 16, Heather Kenyon Andrews, $440,000.

Bradly and Shereen Seehusen: 1838 Corey St., Gerald R Schiefen, $465,000.

Michael Fend: 2501 15th Ave., Opendoor Property Trust I, $495,000.

Bobby Chettry: 2489 Winding Drive, KB Home Colo. Inc., $500,600.

Joanne Estrada: 989 Pasque Drive, 2e Invest LLC, $502,500.

Laura Zavala: 23 Forsyth Drive, Opendoor Property Trust I, $509,000.

Glen Hutchins: 1643 Foster Drive, Revive Real Estate LLC, $510,000.

Stetson Zirkelbach: 2222 Watersong Circle, Fred and Dorinda Kampmann, $520,400.

Joseph and Rebecca Loughlin: 1814 Clover Creek Drive, 8z Ibuyer LLC, $570,000.

Caitlyn Smith: 2304 Winding Drive, Steven Shane Moore, $590,000.

Karen Yegge: 440 11th Ave., Douglas Ostroff, $612,000.

Russell and Rebecca Prater: 2061 Gold Finch Court, Granville and Charle Smythe, $700,000.

Charles and Shannon Kim: 1912 Alpine St., Damian and Elizabeth Altman, $834,000.

Susan Mcafee: 4434 Angelina Circle, Ronald and Kimberly Witkowski, $839,000.

Marilyn and Richard Sturm: 1641 Stones Peak Drive, Ruth D Crone, $1,300,000.


John Darcy: 302 Eisenhower Drive, Ryan N Hughes, $639,000.

Avery Weiler: 923 W Maple Court, Ryan and Sarah Severns, $695,000.

Claire and Robert Maddalena: 2098 Garfield Ave., Sara Chapman, $735,000.


Timothy Beatty: 227 Fifth Ave., Melissa and David Schopen, $775,000.


Terry Slade: 250 Crestwood Court, Tom Plant, $647,000.


Michael Auld: 103 W William St., 103 West William Street LLC, $275,000.

Mark Lamoureaux: 2323 Buttercup Court, Joanna M Shakti, $675,000.

Adam and Samantha Lee: 427 Primrose Lane, Karl A Quintero, $675,000.

Anthony Rivera: 741 Promenade Drive, Toll Southwest LLC, $856,800.

Sanaz Zakeri: 750 Promenade Drive, Toll Southwest LLC, $919,300.

Frank and Doreen Wagner: 2904 Casalon Circle, Emil Yappert, $961,000.