Boulder Official Discusses Suspicious Package Investigation

The investigation is centered around 13th and Pearl Street.

Video Transcript

- What's going on this morning is approximately 10:30. Our records division received a phone call from an individual, who said that there were multiple explosive devices with remote controlled detonation in this general area of Pearl Street.

Multiple officers were sent to the scene, along with the Sheriff's office, Boulder fire, Colorado State Patrol, CUPD, Longmont police, and open space. And investigated the area. We found approximately three suspicious items that we checked. And cleared that were not dangerous, were not explosive devices.

And right now, what's going on is there are explosive detection dogs that are just checking the area of Pearl Street out of an abundance of caution. We're grateful to the public we put in a shelter in place. And we are hoping to reopen this area soon.

- You know what specifically the caller said, that there were packages on street.

- There were multiple explosive devices and that they were remote controlled. Those were the caller's words. And the items that we found and checked, one was a suitcase, one was a sandbag, one was a weight for a tent.

- The whole thing or not?

- Disappears unrelated. It's just when we came to the area and we're looking for things that possibly could be suspicious. These are the items that officers found.

- How big of an area you guys block off.

- It's I think between here and all the way up to 13th and Pearl. It's related and then part of the side streets have been. Because we've had to block it off. We always want to operate out of an abundance of caution. Just in case something turns out to be dangerous.

So it's kind of a large area. I know it's popular the middle of the day here on Pearl Street. So we appreciate the community's understanding, especially we know it's people were concerned with what's been going on here lately.

- Guys, you guys set out a shelter in place. How many people received?

- Initially the shelter in place order went out to about 18,000 households.

- How many people were evacuated [INAUDIBLE]

- I don't know how many people were evacuated. Can try and find out but by a large number. Correct.

- How much of the mall does that cover. I don't know how where the mall begins--

- I'd have to triple check because I haven't been to that area or that end of the scene.

- Got nothing. OK. Thank you.