Boulder Running Store To Donate 100% Of Net Profit From Shoe Sales To King Soopers Shooting Victims

When you think of Boulder you may think of fitness. After all, it is home to world class hiking and the Bolder Boulder; America's largest 10k.

Video Transcript

KATHY WALSH: It's been five days since the shooting in Boulder that left 10 dead. The Boulder community, the families and friends of the victims are grieving the loss of those 10 innocent people. Tonight, the City of Boulder is asking that people remember those killed with 10 minutes of silence. It's one way to show solidarity while staying safe and socially distant. Individuals and companies are finding ways to help, and some are stepping up to raise money for the victims' families. Michael Abeyta is live in Boulder tonight. And Michael, a running store there is among those companies.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: A Yeah, Kathy. You know a lot of athletes of different levels live and train in Boulder. In fact, a pro runner was working at the pharmacy in the King Soopers when the shooting happened. She escaped unscathed, but that's why the Boulder Running Company decided to call on its partners and the community to do something for the families of the victims that were killed here.


When you think of Boulder, you think of fitness. After all, it is home to world-class hiking and the Boulder Boulder, America's largest 10K.

JACKIE BRAGUE: You know, it's a really big community that we have here that's all, you know, running-based, but kind of all sorts of activities, too.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: So the fact that Boulder has its own running shoe shouldn't come as a shock. These Ultra Escalante Racers were designed to be sold at last year's Boulder Boulder by the Boulder Running Company, but COVID canceled the festivities.

JOHN CAMPBELL: We had to find a new use for 'em. And unfortunately, this is the best way that we were able to do it.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: The Boulder Running Company decided to take all those unsold shoes and release them Friday. They're charging 140 bucks a pair, but if you buy them, you're giving back to the community. 100% of net profits will go to the Colorado Healing Fund for the families of the Kings Sooper shooting victims.

JACKIE BRAGUE: Then they're able to, you know, use the money in whatever they see fit, would be the best for them.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: They've been on sale for less than 24 hours, but they've already been a hit.

JACKIE BRAGUE: So you can see from the table, it's gone from really full and to missing sizes, which has been fantastic.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: But that's not all BRC is doing. They've created a virtual run challenge. The public can sign up for free, and for every mile run or walked, the company will donate $1 to the Colorado Healing Fund. Plus, they've received donations from their partner companies Asics, New Balance, Saucony, On Running, Hoka One One, Puma, and Ultra. They say it's the least they could do.

JACKIE BRAGUE: Just it's a really tough time, and it's been a tough week for all of our community. So our thoughts and our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

MICHAEL ABEYTA: Now, in addition to that virtual run, they're also holding an in-person run on April 1. Both events are free. You can sign up online. We'll post a link to that sign-up on our website, In Boulder, Michael Abeyta, covering Colorado first.