Bowden builds on strong season with another 700

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Scott Bowden tossed 25 strikes in a 718 series on games of 267, 258 and 193 two days ago in his Sunday Night Mixed League at Dixie Bowl and raised his average to 220 after 60 games.
Scott Bowden tossed 25 strikes in a 718 series on games of 267, 258 and 193 two days ago in his Sunday Night Mixed League at Dixie Bowl and raised his average to 220 after 60 games.

Scott Bowden is one of the best bowlers in St. George area bowling, and yet few bowlers outside of his Sunday Night League at Dixie Bowl are aware of just how good he is.

However, thanks to his teammate Katie Fotheringham informing me of his awesome bowling talents, the awareness of his superb talent of mowing down pins will skyrocket once this column goes online and the print edition of The Spectrum & Daily News hits the streets.

We're not hyping it here, but he's a strike-throwing machine. In fact, literally two days ago in his Sunday league he tossed 25 strikes in a 718 series on games of 267, 258, 193 and raised his average to 220 after 60 games.

And on the previous Sunday, he punched out 27 strikes in a 735 series, and that came on the heels of 28 strikes in a 726 score on games of 261, 257 , 193, and in his season's 4th 700, a 717, he punctuated a 25 strike night with 11 in a 280 game.

His resume from his days in California sports a career-high 825 series along with an 819 and 811, nine sanctioned 300 games, a 298, a 290 and a career-high 226 average.

His favorite bowlers are Jason Belmonte, Chris Barnes and EJ Tackett, while his favorite basketball player is Allen Iverson who also played for his favorite team, the Philadelphia 76ers.

In high school, Bowden was an outstanding point guard on his high school's basketball team with his best game a 32-point effort, and during vacations, his family loves going to Walt Disney World.

In other pin action, Robert Dickey (720-259), Blaine Hartley (718-259), Al Oliveira V (715, 245), and Lew Agius (712-237) chalked up the only other 700s, while Russ Harkins (695-246) barely missed one but merits ink for a rare clean series.

And now we're making a quick pivot to bowlers who like Bowden have received little coverage this season, but merit ink for some pretty darn good scores last week

For starters, Dale Knight (656-239) delivered one of his best outings this season, Brandon Hadlock is a young college student at Utah Tech who chucked 19 strikes in a 642 series including a 7-bagger in a 225, while Justin Hammond (632-221) is another young bowler with lotsa revs who posted first-rate scores.

Meanwhile, Randy James (617-246) had a good week, Ed Worden began the season in September with a strong 627 effort, and is finishing the season in similar fashion with a 611, while Bruce Arnold's (611-214) productive outing raised his Industrial League average to 187.

In single game play, Cory Choate (656) rolled a 279, Tony Zaccheus (642) tallied a 278, Chris Westwood uncorked a 222, Dave Keller racked up a 212, and Keith Jones captured ink for a 211. .

In women's bowling, Ashley Thomas rocked Dixie with a monster 690 set, Margie O'Neill ran the front 9 in a 274 game en route to a standout 687, and Dee Rivera's practice on Saturdays is paying dividends to the tune of a 539.

Kathi Foy (521) rolled consistent games of 175, 175 and 171, Nancy Shaffer uncorked a 512, Jamie Turlington's 503 included a 203, and Lizzy David KO'd 503 pins.

In single game action, Bryeann Barckley (628) fired a 9-bagger in a 266, Susan Hill (600) totaled 10 strikes in a 264, and Diana Stauffer (624) tossed a season-high 256 in a terrific outing.

And Rachelle Reed (563) popped six strikes in a 226, Anne Brosier (554) registered a 212, Tina Syddall (508) had five strikes in a 203, and Kara Kopf-Rasberry (520) chucked a 199.

Oh, bay-bee!

Sean Matthews rolled a season-high 163 game in his first year of league bowling and always brings a positive attitude and a high level of energy to each league outing. He's also the manager of the St. George Shuttle which makes 13 trips daily to the airport in Las Vegas, and is a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Astros ... Joan Chappell picked up the 5-6-10 split ... Perk Matteson converted the 4-5-7 split.

Senior scores

Dave Myers 694-278; Dennis Craft 654-247; Tim Swigart 620-226; Dave Keller 620-221; Tony Zaccheus 615-221; Bob Lehnen 609; Dave Anderson 256; Ralph Butler 220; Jeff Anderson 215; Greg Ward 214; Al Schedin 213; Tom Schwab 212; Bill Schulze 212; Bill Dickey 212; Jerry Bundy 212; John Verchota 210; Stan Rasmussen 206; Norm Ritchie 206; Paul Yssel 202; Jim Hamm 202; Phil San Antonio 200; Dave Conklin 200; Ann Rasmusen 577-215; Margie OI'Neil 560-204; Annette Chugg 543-202; Kathy Robbins 539-208; Donna Joi Judson 523-210; Linda Handke 521; Debbie Keyser 518-196; Cathy Ritchie 516-191; Joanne Fowler 505-190; Diana Scharf 501. Splits: DeAnna Brisk 3-6-710; Dianna Swart 6-7-10.

High scores

Jeremy Turlington 692-255; Jeremy Telford 691-254; Bruce Breager 688-248; Wil Mariluch 688-236; Bill Stauffer 686-251; Mo Davis 683-245; John Potter 676-237; Fred Foerster 664-259; Marcus Allen 661-232; Iloah Otuafi 656-235; Devin Werner 653-238; Brendan Thomas 650-223; Al Schedin 644-265; Todd Thomas 642-225; Jake Heaton 638-221; Larry Rumple 638-226; Joseph Graham 634-244; Michael Garcia 633-227; Cody Goodrich 631-256; Patrick Webster 631-228; Rick Lesko 631-246; Vic Reading 631-229; Cam Carver 629-232; David Lee 629-213; Chase Evans 629-235; Jim Bice 628-214; Rod Post 625-223; Chuck Irvine 624-227; Wes Wells 623; Dalton Smith 622-231; Scott Brosier 622-257; Tyler Mickelson 622-257; Al Oliveira IV 619-226; Tyler Thomas 618-224; Ben Stang 613-231; Tor Lowry 612-223; Zac Miller 611-214; Eric Goldfarb 609-222; Ron Floreani 608-232; Troy Olaveson 605-220; Jorge Grajeda 605-245; Brent Pollack 605-245; Patrick Darragh 602-205; Stan Rasmussen 602-205; Keith Reynolds 601-235; Nick Johnson 252; Mike Hallenbeck 246; Scott Bahrke 236; Ken Schloman 234; Wayne Nunley 233; Kyle Clark 231; Don Polich 230; Rod Engle 228; Bode Ray 227; Todd Thomas 225; Matt Hill 225; Allen Cope 224; Mason Bedford 224; Dave Castro 223; Randy Brown 222; Tyler White 221; Jerry Bundy 220; Austin Turner 216; Justin Seegmiller 214; David Lee 213; Gage Petersohn 213; James Henderson 213; Kailand Papagayo 213; Randall Wilson 213; Skyler Moss 213; Brayden Brooks 212; Doyle Mouser 212; Paul Yssel 212; Jeff Anderson 207; Brayden Chapman 206; Cory Ballard 205; JC Barrow 205; Jim Mathews 205; Jacob Bouck 204; Jeff Rupert 204; Myles Benally 204; Cejay Bouck 203; Duane Sullivan 203; Daryl Brooks 203; Ron Hanson 203; Shawn Wonder 203; David Romano 202;  Bill Logan 201; Joel Stout 201; Scott Blue 201; Charlie Johnson 200; Ann Rasmusen 595-210; Sherri Snarr 588-217; Kallie Kee 576-215; Tammy Blakely 557-234; Indiana Polatis-Nay 547; Dianna Swart 544-190; Janet Parker 543-204; Karen Balicki 540-193; Autumn Telford 538-193; Annette Chugg 530-190; Dianne Shepherd 526; Sharon Reading 523; Hailey 519-208; Lisa Moss 513-194; Kathy Robbins 503.

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