Boxcar Burgers serves farm-fresh favorites at Great Frederick Fair

Sep. 15—Local eatery Boxcar Burgers aims to support the county's agricultural producers by grilling up locally sourced beef at this year's Great Frederick Fair.

Boxcar Burgers has two brick-and-mortar locations — one on North East Street in Frederick and one on South Maple Avenue in Brunswick.

The burger joint also has its own food truck, but owner Brett Novick said the food truck at the fair was lent to Boxcar by competitor restaurant Fifty Fifty.

This is Boxcar Burgers' first year participating at the fair. In Novick's view, the business' niche is its commitment to supporting Frederick County's farmers.

According to Novick, all of the beef on Boxcar Burgers' menu Friday came from South Mountain Creamery in Middletown. Other days, the beef comes from Richvale Farm, also in Middletown.

Although Boxcar Burgers focuses on local beef, Novick said, it also buys bacon from area farms on occasion.

When tomatoes are in season, Boxcar Burgers buys them from Pleasant Valley Farm in Montgomery County, Novick said.

Aside from farm-fresh tomatoes, fairgoers can top Boxcar Burgers with their choice of cheese, pickled and fresh veggies, and several sauces. The fair menu also includes an all-beef hot dog, an Impossible Burger, drinks and side dishes, which they call "sidecars."