Boxing gains popularity among women in Libya

STORY: Libyan women are taking up boxing after years of prohibition

Locator: Tripoli, Libya

Boxing had been prohibited across the country under Muammar Gaddafi's rule

After the February 17 Revolution in 2011, many old laws were revisited

Today, boxing has become an increasingly popular sport

with women setting up their own boxing clubs

Tripoli's Gargash Stars Club trains dozens of young women

One of them is teenager Sabah Mounir Sheheidi

(Sabah Mounir Sheheidi, boxer)

”I want to tell girls like me, of my age or even older, our society tells girls that it is a shame to do this or that, but on the contrary, when you are athletic, this is good for your health, for your physical strength and most of all, you would have self defence if you are for example harassed on the streets, you wouldn't be weak because you are a girl, but on the contrary, you would be strong and overcome this fear."