Boxing offers kids a fighting chance in Brazil favela

A new boxing program is helping out kids in a Sao Paulo favela

Location: Capao Redondo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

(SOUNDBITE) (Portuguese) YOUNG BOXER, MARIANGELA PEREIRA DA SILVA, SAYING: (SOUNDBITE BEGINS WITH SHOT OF MARIANGELA PEREIRA DA SILVA BOXING) "I imagine myself with a gold medal around my neck, in that huge ring, my mother being proud of me, and feeling happy with myself for my victory."

The program is run by an NGO called NAVE

which was formed in 2014 to provide educational and cultural programs

(SOUNDBITE) (Portuguese) BOXING TEACHER, GUILHERME MIRANDA, SAYING: "The hardest part of boxing is finding not only children but adults, to have this desire to compete. To climb into the ring and swap punches, and to know how to deal with pain, defeat, and victory in a mature way."

The message has resonated with the children

(SOUNDBITE) (Portuguese) YOUNG BOXER, MARIANGELA PEREIRA DA SILVA, SAYING: "I thought I had to be afraid of the people I was going to fight, because I was afraid of them hitting me. Now it's the opposite, they're afraid of me."

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