Boy, 15, accused of fatally shooting woman in the head four times during drug deal

Wayne K. Roustan, South Florida Sun Sentinel

A 15-year-old boy met up with a 32-year-old woman in Boynton Beach to buy some marijuana, but before the deal was done she was dead and he was on the run, police said.

The U.S. Marshals’ Fugitive Task Force found the teenager at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach, Thursday, and arrested him, records show. The Sun Sentinel is not naming the suspect because he is a juvenile.

According to the arrest report, the teen met the woman about 12:15 a.m. on Dec. 27. She and another woman drove a Chevrolet Caprice from West Palm Beach to Boynton Beach to sell him about $80 worth of marijuana.

When the women arrived in the 2600 block of Northeast Third Street, he got in the back seat. The 32-year-old driver handed the teen a small amount of marijuana. He smelled it and handed it back to her, the report stated.

The women — whose names were not disclosed — thought he was fumbling for money in his pocket, but he pulled out a handgun instead and said, “Actually, I’m going to need all of it,” before firing, investigators said.

The driver was shot in the head and back four times, but the woman in the front passenger seat ran off. She started banging on doors in the neighborhood telling residents to call 911, police said.

Officers found the victim slumped over the steering wheel, but the marijuana was gone. Her cellphone showed recent calls and text messages to a cellphone belonging to the teenager’s 56-year-old father.

Father and son had recently moved into a relative’s home on Northeast Third Street, not far from the scene of the deadly shooting, police said.

The woman who witnessed the shooting and ran from the car later identified the teenager from a photographic lineup.

He is facing charges of first-degree murder with a firearm and robbery with a firearm. He was taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center in Palm Beach County.

The Sun Sentinel is not naming the suspect because he is a juvenile.

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