Boy, man hospitalized after shooting near Fresno DMV

Fresno police say a 16-year-old boy and a 38-year-old man were found shot inside a car near Olive and Weber on Wednesday. The gunman who pulled the trigger still remains on the run.

Video Transcript

- With Breaking News.

- We are following breaking news out of Central Fresno. Police say they found a boy and a man with gunshot wounds in the parking a DMV office. Both victims are now in the hospital.

- Action News reporter Natalie Granda now joining us live from the scene with what she's learned so far about this investigation, including the search for the shooter. Natalie?

NATALIE GRANDA: Well, Jason, and Jessica, I can tell you the DMV is closed right now and police are still here looking for any evidence that may help them piece together what happened. Now, I do want you to take a look at what's behind me. This is the car where police say they found those two victims. From where I'm standing, I can tell you that there are bullet holes on the side of that car, several of them actually. And police do say while they found the victims here at the DMV, this isn't where the shooting started.

Now Fresno police did get several calls about the shooting around 1:30 this afternoon as well as several ShotSpotter alert. Investigators found this white car with two gunshot victims inside at the DMV. One of those victims is 38 years old, the other is a 16-year-old. Both are expected to survive their injuries, but police cannot confirm their relationship at this time. Now, as far as the suspect, police do not have any information on the suspect or suspects involved in this, and they ask anyone who may have called about this, or have any information on this to give them a call at the Fresno Police Department.

For now, live here in Central Fresno, I'm Natalie Granda, ABC 30, Action News.