Child fatally struck by own school bus in Brooklyn

A 6-year-old boy was fatally struck by his own school bus in Brooklyn Wednesday morning and was found dead in the street by an MTA bus driver.

Video Transcript

- We want to get right to that breaking news. Police on the scene at Hooper and South 5th Street where that little boy's body was found earlier today. Investigators believe the child was struck and killed while trying to board his own school bus this morning.

- Eyewitness News Reporter Mike Marza, live in Williamsburg with the very latest. Mike

MIKE MARZA: David and Sandra, just heartbreaking. And in fact, the boy's brother had just boarded the bus. We just got an update from police two minutes ago. This is South 5th St and Hooper St here in Williamsburg. And I'll step out to show you the scene.

They just removed an MTA bus. That bus was not involved in the accident but came upon the scene just moments after all of this happened. Let's show you some video as we recorded it throughout the morning hours. This all developed just before 8:30.

We're told two brothers, a nine-year-old and a six-year-old were preparing to board their full-sized school bus. When the nine-year-old brother was able to successfully get on board, the bus began to pull away. And that six-year-old boy was hit and killed by the school bus that continued.

Police telling us, at this point they don't believe the driver knew that the bus had hit that six-year-old. They were able to stop the bus and are now interviewing that bus driver. Just a horrible scene out here, as the boys lived on this block, or at least in this neighborhood. Here, from a father who talked about just how this is really hitting home for him this morning.

SHLOMO SCHREIBER: As soon as I saw the cops running out of the car, I had to turn away. I couldn't. You have a kid, it's not a headline. It's just so-- I don't know how the bus driver who physically saw about the boy, how can he can ever go to sleep again at night? That would haunt me the rest of my life.

MIKE MARZA: And the driver of that school bus, now cooperating with investigators. And at this point, they don't believe that the bus driver knew that the bus had hit the boy, but there are a lot of surveillance cameras mounted on buildings on this street. Of course, that will help in the investigation. But the bottom line is a six-year-old boy killed by his own school bus, here in Brooklyn this morning.