Boyd Sheriff's, Marshals team up for warrant roundup

Aug. 22—The Boyd County Sheriff's Department partnered with several U.S. Marshals to capture local fugitives with outstanding warrants this week.

Sheriff Jamie Reihs said the task was long overdue, with the department's last partnership with federal agencies for a warrant roundup occurring several years ago.

On Monday morning, Reihs, a handful of deputies, U.S. Marshals with the Fugitive Task Force and other federal agencies assembled for a brief — a portion of their time dedicated to categorizing their marks by seriousness of charge and flight risk.

A commander pulled out one file, warning Marshals that particular individual was wanted for fleeing and was known for hiding wherever he could — from trash cans to culverts. Other files were grouped together with a target's associates, with Marshals informed even if their specific aim wasn't located, others with association and outstanding warrants were fair game, too.

Of the roughly 35 warrants to be served — mostly stemming from federal indictments — two folders were sifted out of the stack and named as major targets from in-depth and ongoing federal drug investigations.

Some charges related to the investigations on the Marshals' radar include manslaughter after suspected overdoses from laced substances.

The Marshals, some traveling from Lexington and parts of West Virginia for the occasion, were warned they could run into rural terrain that lacked any sort of reception or radio signal.

Once divided into three teams and with satellite communications worked out, the group dispersed into several areas of Boyd and neighboring counties.

One group, with Reihs in tow, first rolled a calvary of SUVs into a trailer park in Catlettsburg to the last known address of a wanted subject.

Marshals exited their vehicles movie-style, a portion going to the rear of the building with others taking the front — after some conversation with neighbors, it was determined the man had been evicted and his new address was unknown.

But the group wasn't deterred and headed out for their next stops, the following turning up a wanted female subject.

Despite the male who answered the door not giving her up easily, she eventually made her way to a marked sheriff's vehicle for transport to the Boyd County Jail.

The next spot: an unassuming apartment complex off of Roberts Drive.

Again, the agents dispersed into their organized positions, pounding on doors and announcing their presence.

After gaining information from neighbors and a building maintenance man, the team made a forced entry and shortly exited with a wanted woman after locating her in a closet.

A Marshal and the maintenance man shared a shrug of shoulders after reviewing and documenting the damage to the front door.

While not as eventful as the previous pick-up, another female was located at her residence, making Reihs's team 3 for 4 by Monday afternoon.

In the following days, Reihs says the teams have located drug trafficking suspects and anticipates releasing additional information after search warrants are obtained.

The efforts are still ongoing and additional arrests are expected, according to Reihs.