Boyfriend, 3 kids missing after woman found dead in N Houston

Police aren't sure if her death is a suicide or murder. When HPD arrived to the scene, her children were nowhere to be found, but they are now safe with family.

Video Transcript

- To breaking news we've been following since 4:30. A woman found dead, and police do not know where her boyfriend is, nor do they know where her three children are.

- Yeah, very urgent situation. ABC 13 reporter TJ Parker is live at West Montgomery near West Gulf Bank. TJ, police say the boyfriend called 911 and claimed the girlfriend shot herself.

TJ PARKER: Yeah, and police are still trying to figure out exactly if this is either a suicide or a murder. We also just spoke with the victim's family briefly off camera, who obviously they say they are distraught and are also concerned for the missing three kids. Again, police are looking for them at this hour.

- The boyfriend called it in, and he's not even at the scene. He just called it in and said that his girlfriend shot herself. Like I said, it's is very suspicious, because he left the scene in her vehicle.

TJ PARKER: Police originally got a call of a possible suicide at this apartment complex off Garden City near West Montgomery. When they got here, they saw the front door the apartment kicked in and found the body of a woman in her 20s covered in a sheet. They say she was shot in the face.

They hadn't found a weapon as of yet. Police say the person of interest is the woman's boyfriend, who originally called them. He took off, possibly with the three kids.

- Our main concern right now is the three kids. We're going to try to see if we can get a hold of the family to make sure that the three kids are OK. That's one of the main concerns that we have. Make sure that they're not with the person of interest.

TJ PARKER: Now, police are not calling the boyfriend a suspect at this time. They just want to talk with him. Police have since left this apartment complex in the past few minutes or so.

They say the boyfriend is driving a Toyota, a gold Toyota Camry. And of course, if you know anything about this, you're asked to call police. We're live in North Houston. I'm TJ Parker ABC 13 Eyewitness News.