Boyle Heights artist hopes artwork sends strong message to the world

Gajin Fujita, a Boyle Heights native, hopes his artwork sends a strong message to the world.

Video Transcript

- In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we are highlighting community members who are making a difference.

- Our Community Journalist Eric Resendiz tells us about a Boyle Heights native who is using his Japanese roots and modern art skills to share our message.

ERIC RESENDIZ: Boyle Heights native Gajin Fujita has had his artwork displayed across the world in places like Switzerland, Greece, Australia, and here in LA at Lachmann.

GAJIN FUJITA: There's a lot going on in my works. So it's a-- I like to call it like a bridge. I'm bridging not only history but as well Eastern culture, Western culture.

ERIC RESENDIZ: Gajin mostly works with spraypaint art graffiti. He says he blends his Japanese roots into his art, using elements like geishas and warriors.

GAJIN FUJITA: I hope that, you know, my work can resonate to the local community as well everybody in general. And hopefully, influence young children like I would once was.

ERIC RESENDIZ: Gajin says he spent a lot of time learning about his craft as a child by flipping through art books at the RL Stevenson Library in Boyle Heights.

PEARL YONEZAWA: I've known him since he was a child. He was very focused. He was very focused on looking at something and kind of studying it a little bit, and looking at the colors, and looking at the designs.

ERIC RESENDIZ: Pearl says Gajin has paid it forward. In 2019, Gajin started offering workshops to students in the community at the library.

PEARL YONEZAWA: I think we always hope as as librarians or as library staff that what we're doing makes a difference to somebody in their lives and helps them develop. So it's amazing to have somebody rise up to that stature.

ERIC RESENDIZ: With recent attacks on the Asian-American community, Gajin says he hopes his artwork sends a strong message to the world.

GAJIN FUJITA: For the Asian-American community, to keep doing, and keep moving forward, to keep making all of us proud not just the Asians but all of us Americans.

ERIC RESENDIZ: In Boyle Heights, Eric Resendiz, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

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