Boys Hockey Players File Lawsuit Against Minnesota State High School League

A judge has ruled against nine Hill-Murray seniors who sued the Minnesota State High School League, Kate Raddatz reports (2:12) WCCO 4 News At 5 - March 30, 2021

Video Transcript

- Just late this afternoon, a judge ruled against nine Hill Murray seniors who sued the Minnesota State High School League. The lawsuit asks for a temporary restraining order to allow Hill Murray to play in the state boys hockey tournament. Last week, Hill Murray played White Bear Lake for the section championship. Shortly after the game, they learned a player from White Bear Lake tested positive for COVID-19. The league says the team has to quarantine until Thursday, but as Kate Raddatz reports, the players were hoping the lawsuit would keep an answer to their prayers.

KATE RADDATZ: Hill Murray is supposed to face off against Wayzata in the quarterfinals here at Excel on Wednesday, but they are pushing back against the Minnesota State High School League's COVID-19 policy. In an 11-page lawsuit involving nine Hill Murray hockey players, the boys seek a temporary restraining order against the Minnesota State High School League.

BOB KAUFMAN: One person, I won't name their name, but actually said, oh, so what you're telling me is the worst that's going to happen is a kid can't play hockey? I don't think they have any appreciation of what this means to these kids.

KATE RADDATZ: State health officials determine whether or not an exposure has occurred. If they determined it did, a quarantine is recommended. Under MSHSL guidelines, if a team is not able to participate in their scheduled postseason game, they forfeit. Bob Kaufman has a son on the team.

BOB KAUFMAN: And no one player was within close contact of this other player for more than four seconds.

KATE RADDATZ: The lawsuit says even though the boys don't agree with their case being a high-risk exposure, they propose rescheduling the game to Thursday when their quarantine is over. Wayzata's athletics and activities director told WCCO they left every option to find a solution for Hill Murray and would follow the guidance of the league and the Department of Health. Former North Star's hockey player Neal Broten is mentioned in the affidavit saying playing in the state hockey tournament was critical to his career. Kate Raddatz, WCCO4 News.

- The lawyer for the nine players tells WCCO he is disappointed by the decision, and now they're weighing all of their other legal options. Meanwhile, in Class A, Hermantown's in the same situation as Hilly Murray. The coaches, though, are planning to use their JV team in their first game tonight, along with three varsity players who had been injured and were not exposed potentially last week.