Bradford Lund, Grandson of Walt Disney, Alleges He Was Forced To File Wyoming Lawsuit To Stop Hostile Trustees From Selling Ranch That Has Been In His Family For 40 Years Without Lund's Consent

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Lund alleges that the Trustees breached their agreement with him that the ranch would remain in his trust

JACKSON, Wyo., Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Bradford Lund, grandson of the late Walt Disney, today announced a new complaint filed in the Wyoming District Court in Teton County against what he called "hostile" Trustees of the estate of his mother Sharon Lund for allegedly selling his beloved Wyoming ranch, "Eagle South Fork," without his consent, contrary to his interests, and in violation of their agreement with the trustees and Mr. Lund's twin sister, Michelle – according to Mr. Lund's legal advisor, Lanny Davis.

In the lawsuit, Lund accused the Trustees of reneging on an agreement, which his sister's attorney and the Trustees' attorney agreed to, made between himself and his sister for Mr. Lund's trust to purchase the longtime family ranch, the Eagle South Fork Property (the "Ranch") located in Teton County, Wyoming. The Ranch was allegedly sold to a third party without giving Mr. Lund the right of first refusal. By doing so, Mr. Lund alleged, they not only violated the contract but also their fiduciary duties owed to him.

"This is yet another example of these four Trustees allegedly blatantly violating Mr. Lund's legal and fiduciary rights," said Lanny J. Davis, a public spokesperson and attorney for Mr. Lund. "Mr. Lund and his attorneys will continue to ask the legal system to hold the Trustees accountable for this continuing pattern of ignoring their fiduciary responsibilities, as alleged many times in ongoing litigation in probate court in Los Angeles County California."

According to the complaint, on September 11, 2020, the Trustees informed Mr. Lund and his sister that they had received an all-cash offer to purchase the Ranch, without providing any information on who the buyers were. Michelle withdrew her consent to sell her share of the property to Mr. Lund. He then filed this suit and alleged "[t]he Trustees' surprise announcement for their sudden sale of the Ranch defeats the purpose of keeping the property in the family."

Mr. Lund is asking the Court to stop this proposed transaction immediately, and instead, that his trust be granted the ability to acquire the 50% share of the Ranch presently held in Michelle's trust for the previously agreed-upon amount.

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