Bradley Beal comments on Russell Westbrooks new record | Dunk Bait

Bradley Beal discusses Westbrooks new record with LaJethro Jenkins.

Video Transcript


LAJETHRO JENKINS Westbrook just broke a record that nobody thought could be broken. How has it been seeing him up close and personal every night, bro?

BRADLEY BEAL: It's been unique, you know, from being on the other side playing against him. You know, you always question, like, how is he doing it? And then-- now I'm witnessing it firsthand.

And it's just all his mentality, that he goes out there and he lays it out on the line every single night. He's given-- he's gifted, you know, tremendously. And he utilizes those gifts, and he tries to bring that out of everybody. And he's probably the most unselfish person ever and probably the most confident, you know, just driven guy that I've ever met, too.

So it's definitely amazing to see that history was broken that way. Nobody would ever think that could be done. And the sick part of it is he's going to break [? that and ?] even more. So I'm definitely happy that I was a part of it and I got to share in some of those numbers.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Do you think he doesn't get the fanfare he deserves? I mean, he seems very underappreciated. You know what I mean?

BRADLEY BEAL: To be able to see him do what you do night in, night out, like, he's stamped, he's approved. I don't know why he doesn't get the love that he deserves. To me, he's first ballot Hall of Fame, no question about it.

So that's my answer. So, to me, look, people are going to argue the way they want to. But his resume speaks for itself.



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