Brand New Innovation Space Unveiled At Redland Middle School

The unveiling is part of the “Middle School Redesign Initiative,” a $2 million project set to transform the media centers at sixteen middle schools.

Video Transcript

- New at 6:00, local leaders, students, and parents came together to unveil a brand new innovation space at Redland Middle School. The unveiling is part of the Middle School Redesign Initiative, intended to meet the needs of teachers and their students. The $2 million project is set to transform the media centers at 16 middle schools into technology-rich spaces over the next two years.

ALBERTO CARVALHO: Part of what you see here is exactly what students thought schools and spaces should be like. A reflection of them rather than the boring government grey that, at one point, was the standard across all schools. The new innovation space includes a class set of virtual reality headsets, computers, and tablets.