The New Brand Proposing a More Intuitive (and Affordable) Approach to Skin Care

Current State debuts with nine active-ingredient-driven cleansers, serums and moisturizers, priced between $15 and $22.

What if instead of committing to a rigidly defined beauty routine and clinging to the identity of one specific skin "type," we all just... took things day by day and rolled with the punches a little bit more? That's the premise upon which Current State — a new mass beauty brand that launches on Feb. 1 — is built.

"We invite you to start asking the question: What is my skin's Current State?," quips the marketing copy.

The brand proposes that, rather than building a beauty routine based on long-term complexion concerns or going on auto pilot with little regard for what skin happens to feel like at the moment, we should learn to live in the present — at least when it comes to skin care.

Current State's inaugural nine-SKU product offering will launch direct-to-consumer via its own website ( on Wednesday, followed by on Feb. 5, then Whole Foods stores and Cult Beauty in the UK later in the year. The lineup includes three cleansers (an exfoliating one with green tea and salicylic acid, a "balancing" formula with strawberry and probiotics, and a sunflower- and oat-spiked cleansing balm); three serums (vitamin C and super greens, hyaluronic and arnica, retinol and marula); two moisturizers (a lightweight gel cream and an amino-based thicker cream); and a peptide- and caffeine-laced eye cream. Each product is priced between $15 and $22.

Current State marks a first foray (as entrepreneurs) into the mass market for Emily Parr and Majeed Hemmat, who are also the co-founders of HoliFrog, a similarly "situationally" minded skin-care brand in the luxury space.

<p>Photo: Courtesy of Current State</p>

Photo: Courtesy of Current State

The entire range is designed to be mixed and matched, with users selecting the combinations of formulas that serve whatever their skin needs in that moment. Per brand copy, the products are "nutritiously balanced and clinically responsive," in order to "make taking care of your skin as intuitive as eating a well-balanced diet." Current State even put what it calls "skin food group icons" on its packaging to help consumers "determine if [they've] had enough of each 'food group' per day — or be reassured that if you've skipped it today, you can easily make up for it tomorrow with a different product choice."

Each formula also highlights two simple ingredients on its packaging, which the brand believes will empower users to better understand the skin care they're using without creating confusion or overwhelm.

<p>Photo: Courtesy of Current State</p>

Photo: Courtesy of Current State

Ahead, get a first look at the nine products in the brand's debut lineup, along with pricing.

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