Branford Coronavirus Updates: Grease Trap Shutdowns

This article originally appeared on the Branford Patch

BRANFORD, CT — The Branford Water Pollution Control Authority has urgent and important information for shutdown procedures for grease recovery units.

Wastewater Treatment Plant – Grease Trap Shutdown

Due to the unfortunate SHUTDOWN of many food preparation establishments across the State of Connecticut due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Branford WPCA is reaching out to inform facilities of the proper shut down procedures for indoor Active Grease Recovery Units (AGRUs). If your establishment has already SHUTDOWN or is going to SHUTDOWN, please UNPLUG or DE-ENERGIVE the AGRU (grease trap) to prevent equipment damage caused by long periods with no drain water inflows. FAILURE TO UNPLUG OR DENERGIZE AGRUS DURING FACILITY CLOSURES CAN CREATE A POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD! These units are often known by names including, but not limited to Big Dipper, Grease Guardian or Grease Stopper. The units are frequently located under 3 bay pot washing sinks, pre-rinse sinks, work-stations, or other fixtures that are likely to discharge Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG). The AGRUs may even be in the basement of your facility. If your establishment shuts down, you must UNPLUG or DE-ENGERGIZE all electric grease traps. The manufacturers have reached out to the Branford WPCA to relay this information to facilities that have AGRUs installed that may shut down.