BRAZEN CARJACKING: A violent carjacking at a used car lot in Richmond was caught on video

A violent carjacking at a used car lot in Richmond was caught on video

Video Transcript

BRIAN HACKNEY: I'm Brian Hackney.

JULIETTE GOODRICH: And I'm Juliette Goodrich. We start with [AUDIO OUT] business, the dramatic carjacking caught on camera [AUDIO OUT] KPIX 5's Da Lin talks to the owner, and reports on why the owner is so frustrated with the police investigation.

DA LIN: The owner of EKE Motorsports says he has dealt with plenty [INAUDIBLE] break-ins, but this is the first time someone has robbed them of a car in 10 years at this location. The business owner says his worker is lucky to survive this violent carjacking. The man is thrown to the ground as the robber drives off.

DANNY SUN: I cannot believe it. He could have killed him right there.

DA LIN: It happened Friday afternoon. This man walked up to a worker at the used car lot, saying he wanted to buy the white 2016 Audi S5.

DANNY SUN: He wants to pay cash for it. It's, like, $31,000. I said, well I'm going to show it to you, you know, myself.

DA LIN: Danny Sun was away at the time. He talked to the man through the worker's cell phone. But before Danny could get back, the robber demanded the car key as he sat inside.

DANNY SUN: He said he got a gun in his pocket. Like a triangular shape, he said. Then, of course, my employee had to give him the keys.

DA LIN: The worker walks away. But as the robber tries to drive off, the worker runs back to stand in front and block the car.

DANNY SUN: He shouldn't have tried to stop him, but he thought he was probably going to be in trouble.

DA LIN: The worker gets back up, and chases after the robber with his own car. Danny says the worker catches up with him a few blocks away, but the robber hits the workers car and drives away. The worker has scrapes and bruises. He's taking a couple of days off.

DANNY SUN: This guy needs to be brought to justice, and he needs to be behind bars.

DA LIN: They say the suspect is white, in his 20s, around 5'9". He was wearing a Pizza Planet t-shirt, from the Toy Story movie. The Audi has no plates, and has front and back damage. Danny says, what made him really upset was how the responding Richmond Police officer classified the incident.

DANNY SUN: He was telling me that this is an auto theft case. But this is not an auto theft case, this is assault with a deadly weapon, and this is an armed robbery because he said that he had a gun in his pocket.

DA LIN: We reached out to the Richmond Police Department, no response so far. In Richmond, I'm Da Lin, KPIX 5.

JULIETTE GOODRICH: Da tells us the business owner has offered a $1,000 reward. The newly formed Crimes Against Asians Reward Fund is adding another $2,500. So, $3,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.