Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for COVID-19 a 3rd time

The president of Brazil has once again tested positive for COVID-19.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday told CNN that his latest COVID-19 test came back positive, with this coming roughly two weeks after he announced that he had contracted the coronavirus. This was Bolsonaro's third COVID-19 test since July 7, according to Reuters.

"The test carried out on the president yesterday, on the 21st, showed a positive result," a statement from the Communications Ministry said, per Reuters. "President Bolsonaro is still in good condition, accompanied by the presidency's medical team."

Last week, Bolsonaro announced his second COVID-19 positive result, saying at the time, "I hope that in the coming days I will do another test and, God willing, everything will be all right to return soon to activity."

Bolsonaro had downplayed the risks of COVID-19 repeatedly and dismissed it as just a "little cold." Earlier this month, he removed his mask while telling reporters he had tested positive for COVID-19, prompting the Brazilian Press Association to say it would file a lawsuit, blasting his "beyond irresponsible" behavior.

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