Brazil's first transgender lawmakers elected to congress

STORY: Brazil has elected its first ever

transgender lawmakers to Congress

Duda Salabert's campaign

focused on environmental issues

while Erika Hilton called her historic election

a case of 'justice for her ancestors'

[Erika Hilton, Sao Paulo City Council Member]

"I think that being a woman, Black, travesti, means always having more challenges than other people. We have the challenge of getting people to recognize that our political project is not just for travesti and transsexuals or for the LGBT community.”

Hilton and Salabert say their top priority now is to get

former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva elected

Brazil is one of the most dangerous

places in the world for trans women

and President Jair Bolsonaro has frequently

denigrated women and LGBT people

[Alheli Partida, Victory Institute's Global Programs Director]

“I do believe they will have a tough job in the position, in the sense that anti-rights and conservatism is very strong still in the country. I do believe that even in those difficult situations and contexts they will make an amazing work”.