Is Bre Tiesi leaving 'Selling Sunset'? The finale has fans wondering

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As of the Season Seven "Selling Sunset" finale, Bre Tiesi's future on the show is in question, to the point that her return for a poential Season Eight looks unlikely.

Bre — who shares a son with Nick Cannon — joined the show in Season Six, making waves in the cast for her unapologetic stances on life, love, motherhood ... and real estate, of course.

Bre and Chelsea Lazkani especially clashed, with Bre feeling Chelsea's "judgment" about her her family structure (Cannon has 12 children with six women).

Below, find out why her future on the show is in question.

Why is Bre considering leaving the Oppenheim Group?

During a conversation (or confrontation?) with co-owner Jason Oppenheim, Bre says the way the Oppenheim Group does business doesn’t “sit well” with her.

She's referring to the split between the percentage of commission that agents make on each deal, and the percentage that goes back to the brokerage.

Bre says she is used to a "90/10" split, meaning she keeps 90% of the commission, and 10% returns to the brokerage. "Jason takes a much larger percentage," Bre says — specifically, an 80/20 split.

Now that she's about to close a deal with her client, the rapper Saweetie, Bre has been "thinking about the commission" more.

"For me to walk away with this kind of split is a hard pill to swallow. It isn't sitting well with me, knowing that I'm losing a lot more of my money than I would lose somewhere else," she says.

Jason concedes hat the Oppenheim Group’s split is higher than at other agencies.

"Yes, the Oppenheim Group charges more than typical brokerages. But we're not a typical brokerage. We offer more services," he says. "I help you out on you deals. We've got strong agents that are supportive."

Jason ends the conversation with saying that he wants Bre to “stay,” but that the “commission and split” is non-negotiable. “I can’t walk away from that much money,” she tells Jason, citing motherhood as a concern.

He also echoes what his twin brother Brett told Bre in an earlier conversation: She’s not “performing.”

“You have to produce. As you make money for the brokerage, I reciprocate with listings. You sold (clients) home at another brokerage. You didn’t make me sh--,” he says.

Bre says, in a confessional likely filmed following the conversation, she's "had enough."

“I’ve had enough. I’m a one-woman show. These are my clients, my people. I’ve done all of this on my own. I don’t want to continue to make money for a brokerage where I can make way more somewhere else,” she says.

What does Chelsea Lazkani have to do with it?

Bre questions the "support" that Jason mentions — specifically when it comes to Chelsea, whom she accuses of interfering in her career and relationships. "It's ridiculous," she says.

Chelsea and Bre have faced off about her relationship with Cannon. Chelsea, a mother of two, questions how Cannon, with his 12 kids, could give them adequate attention.

“You’re judging me based off of my man and based off of how he lives his life,” Bre told Chelsea in Season Six.

“Maybe I’m too freaking conventional or traditional for this, and maybe that’s what it is,” Chelsea said in Season Six, then seemed to reference Bre’s relationship with Cannon again by saying, “I don’t get it, girl, I don’t get it.”

They continue to clash in Season Seven.

Is Bre coming back? The last scene throws it into question

By the finale, it doesn't seem like Bre had made a decision — but there was at least some fondness for the O Group: She appearing to be emotional Bre watching Jason make a speech at the Oppenheim Group's 10 year anniversary party.

Things turn sour soon after when she's sitting with Chelsea Lazkani, Emma Hernan and newcomer Cassandra Dawn, who has a problem with Bre's "attitude."

"You act like we're out to get you. It's called having manners," the agent says. Bre says she doesn't "need manners." Chelsea soon joins in, leading Bre to ask, "Why do I have to fit into your box?"

Bre ultimately storms out of the party saying she was "done," and saying to "f--- this show" and "this office." has reached out to Bre and Netflix for comment and have not heard back at the time of publication.

“Selling Sunset” has not yet been renewed for Season 8, but if it is, Chelsea is ready. In another interview with, Chelsea said she hopes she, and viewers, can watch her relationship with Bre continue to "evolve."

“You’re gonna have to follow along with it to see like, where it ends up. We’re gonna watch this play out together, essentially,” she said.

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