Are these ‘break-resistant’ wine glasses too good to be true? Bob the Drag Queen finds out in viral video

First name Bob, last name The Drag Queen, and possible middle name “Glassware Tester.”

On May 30, comedian, actor and musician Bob the Drag Queen (who is nonbinary and uses both he/him and she/her pronouns) posted a TikTok that quickly went viral. In the clip, the “We’re Here” star broadcasts a desire to test out a product he saw on the platform that looked too good to be true. So, to his 2.8 million followers, he did just that.

The video, a stitch, opens with Wine Enthusiast’s original clip, which shows someone being exceedingly forceful with a wine glass. The disembodied hand knocks a Vienna Wine Glass against a marble tray, then taps at it with a hammer, then roughly knocks it over, before tossing it into a wall.

“I got it,” says Bob, cutting in while holding a microphone and a shipping box. “And I honestly can’t tell you why because I don’t drink wine. But I just thought to myself, 'Can that be real?'"

“They cost this much money,” Bob says in the clip, showing a screenshot of an order summary that lists the glass’s price at $25.00 and shipping at $38.50 (ouch) for a grand total of $69.13 after taxes. “Let’s see if this is worth it.”

The video cuts to Bob dropping the glass onto an outdoor surface from about calf-level — and well, let’s just say the “break” did not “resist.” After 5 seconds of silence, Bob delivers the closing line. “And there’s your answer,” he says.

Of course, there are quite a few comments under the video, which has over 3 million views, to offer an idea of the response online — more than 5,000 of them, in fact. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of views on Instagram as well as millions of views on Twitter. Basically, people had thoughts. Many, many thoughts.

“I… could not laugh loud enough.. this broke me for a second,” commented one user on TikTok.

“BOB!!! i woke my damn dog from cackling,” wrote another commenter.

“The speed and amount of the shatter was far too funny,” wrote another commenter. “Absolutely worth it.”

“It said BING A LINGA LINGA,” replied one user on Twitter, possibly coining a new onomatopoeia for a breaking glass.

“It’s giving this,” wrote another user, sharing a classic TODAY clip where Kathie Lee Gifford proves that a knock-over-proof travel mug could, in fact, be knocked over.

Many — including actor and singer Amber Riley and fellow Season 8 queen Derrick Barry — pointed out the irony that the box said "fragile" on it.

“Wine Enthusiast has several different lines of glassware. Our Vienna line and Pirouette line are made of lead-free crystal that is break-resistant and dishwasher safe,” a Wine Enthusiast representative tells via email. “The Brilliance! line is made from impact-resistant, BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester that is shatterproof.”

Wine Enthusiast says the Vienna and Pirouette lines it sells are made with proprietary durability to strengthen the bowl of the glass. “While break-resistant glasses are designed to be stronger and more durable than regular glasses, they can still be susceptible to breakage under certain circumstances,” the representative says.

But, the rep says, the company​​ appreciated Bob's viral video.

“It helped us realize there was confusion surrounding the different videos on the different glassware lines and the term break-resistant,” says the rep. “Wine Enthusiast’s labeling of shatterproof glasses has always been in reference to the Brilliance! line.”

But if the glasses Bob purchased are the same ones from the original TikTok, Wine Enthusiast still advertises them as “break-resistant” on its website and includes a similar video to its original TikTok on the page. The original TikTok that Bob stitched also makes no mention of the Brilliance! line, but the company does have other TikToks videos showing that line’s durability.

Then, on May 31, the company posted a follow-up TikTok to clarify that, even though these glasses are strong, they are not, in fact, indestructible.

“These wine glasses are tough,” a card in the video reads as someone taps a wine glass until it breaks. A card is then revealed that says, “But not invincible!”

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