Breakdancing class comes to Temple University and beyond

The art of breakdancing may seem too cool for school, but will soon be offered as a course through Temple University.

Video Transcript

MARK "METAL" WONG: Go, go, go, go, let's go.

Oh my gosh, it keeps me young, bro. It keeps me alive.

Show me what you got!

Back in the beginning of the pandemic, this class was keeping me going. Hip-hop in general, at its best, that's what it does.

Seven peace signs! Peace, love, unity, fun-- roll it out!

TOBIAS HART: I've been dancing for 3 and 1/2 years. My teacher teaches us how to not be nervous when we're dancing in the middle.

MARK "METAL" WONG: Good job, you're on your own. Keep going.

They're not afraid to talk in public, usually. They really get used to being the center of attention and showing their best self. Three-- good job, Tilly.

And plus, it teaches you a lot of discipline, because these moves are hard.

Let's go! Good job, Imogen.

IMOGEN POTTER: One you learn it, it gets easier. I'm really good at it, and it makes me feel kind of free.

MARK "METAL" WONG: Let's go, [? Ronin. ?]

SAMANTHA XANDER: Break dancing has been an artistic outlet for him. It's given him socialization skills that he hasn't been able to get through school, virtually. And it's honestly been, like, a lifesaver.

MICHAEL XANDER: You know, he's developing leadership skills. He's able to focus better. Now it's just something he's doing all the time.

MARK "METAL" WONG: Time to shine, let's go!

You know, it started as a hobby, and now it's like my job. Now I'm teaching at Movemaker Studio in Philly. I teach out here at Malcolm X Park every Saturday. And we're also partnering with Temple University. On Saturdays, we're gonna be offering online classes through Zoom for youth and adults., there's a whole thing you can click on that gives you all the links to register for those. Hip-hop is making its way into higher ed, y'all. Like, that's definitely happening. [LAUGHS] Good job, Idris. Good job, Ellie.

It's still important for young people to know that life is still happening, that there's still other young people out there who care about them, and want to hang out, and want to play. And we can totally do that in a safe way out here.

Well done, dancers! [LAUGHS]