Here’s a breakdown of the vacant positions in Horry County schools, plus earnings

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As students fill in the hallways of Horry County Schools this month, education leaders are faced with shortages across both teacher and support staff positions. Horry County School District held a board work session Monday night and revealed numbers for those vacancies.

How many teacher positions are vacant in Horry County Schools?

Horry County schools have 72.5 vacant positions as of Monday, according to HCS Chief of Human Resources, Mary Anderson.

She urged those who attended the meeting not to worry.

“Don’t panic,” said Anderson. “We will have our instructional needs covered.” In order to have instructional needs covered, Anderson explained that some solutions involve having some educators teach during their planning period and have substitute teachers in place.

High school has the most vacancies out of all grades. Here’s a breakdown of those vacancies by grade:

  • Elementary: 9.5

  • Middle: 13.25

  • High: 49.75

How many bus driver positions are vacant in Horry County Schools?

As of Monday, there were 58 vacant bus driver positions. Horry County School District has filled about 85% of positions. Here’s a breakdown of where those positions are needed:

  • Aynor: 9

  • Carolina forest: 9

  • Conway: 14

  • Green Sea Floyds area: 4

  • Loris: 2

  • Myrtle Beach area: 2

  • North Myrtle Beach: 2

  • Socastee: 5

  • St. James: 11

How much are teachers earning in Horry County schools this year?

Horry County teachers are paid based on a combination of their classroom experience and level of education. For a rookie with a bachelor’s degree, it would be $41,754. For a 30-year educator with a doctorate, they could be paid about $96,228.

Support staff, non-teaching professionals, and athletic department workers have their own scales. The board also approved a $300 per month supplement for any non-teaching professional that earned a bachelors degree.

For a first year non-teaching professional, they get a daily rate of $164.40 a day. For someone who’s worked 28 years, that daily rate is almost double, about $278.80.