Breaking Down March Madness Bracket Strategies

CBS4's Marybel Rodriguez shares how to play CBSMiami's bracket challenge.

Video Transcript

- The wait is nearly over. March Madness tips off in about 42 hours, that is Friday at noon.

- Looking forward to it, and we are getting ready for our annual CBS Miami March Madness bracket challenge. Do you have what it takes to beat our VIPs? CBS 4 anchor Marybel Rodriguez has what you need to know to play along.

- We missed it last year. I think this year is going to be awesome.

MARYBEL RODRIGUEZ: Tip number one when filling out your bracket, pick personal and tournament favorites.

- So I pick all my bias teams first, who I think is going to go number one.

- You got to look at those one-- those one seeds first, and see how far into the bracket they're going to go.

MARYBEL RODRIGUEZ: Of course, you can't forget the upsets. The tournament is known for them.

- It's March Madness. You got go crazy a little bit.

- Don't fall in love with the easy upsets when you're filling it out. Just because you think one's going to happen, there's nothing wrong with going to chalk and sending four one seeds to the final. I don't care.

MARYBEL RODRIGUEZ: Going chalk, in tournament lingo, means picking all the favorites to advance. Just click the higher seed, although sometimes it's not that simple.

- You pick the higher seed, unless it's a 5 versus the 12, the 12 always beats the five. Otherwise, pick the highest seed.

- No, I don't believe in chalk. You got to look at it and get a gut feeling for who's going to win.

- Spontaneity is key. Anything can happen.

- But you got to pick upsets.

- You know, you need a few upsets in the first round.

MARYBEL RODRIGUEZ: At some point, you have a tough decision to make. You can always do a little research.

- If it comes down to, like, two teams I have no idea who they are, then I'll kind of go down, like, the roster and see, like, who's averaging what.

- Then you look at the spread, and see what's going on behind the scenes.

- You got to go to the scouting report and look at the statistics.

- I mean, I'm not, you know, like a professional, but, you know, I look at it a little bit, yeah.

MARYBEL RODRIGUEZ: If research is not for you, you can always take the easy way out.

- Flip a coin.

MARYBEL RODRIGUEZ: It's just that simple.

- Yeah, that simple. Flip a coin.

- You gotta flip a coin.

- You definitely got to flip a coin.

- Flip a oin.

- You've got a 50/50 shot you'll probably get something.

- See where it lands. Again, let fate-- let fate have its way.

MARYBEL RODRIGUEZ: If you want to win the bracket challenge, you may want to fill out multiple brackets.

- You can't just be one bracket. You gotta have a couple.

- You gotta, look, you gotta do at least three.

- One you know how you play bingo, and you got one card, you're like, "This card's trash." So you try to pick up another one. I mean, that's how you got to play it sometimes.

MARYBEL RODRIGUEZ: And last tip, if you do win, enjoy it and never let your friends forgot you won.

- Bragging rights are forever.

- Good to see I'm not the only one who does things like that. March Madness tips off Friday, and we challenge you to join us in the CBS Miami bracket challenge. Join the CBS 4 VIPs in picking the winners of each round of the NCAA tournament. Log on to to take part. Remember, you have to sign up and submit your picks before noon on Friday. I got mine in last night. You're in, too.

- I got my picks in. And another suggestion, I have a friend who once filled out a bracket by looking at all the mascots and just picking whichever mascot she liked better.

- Hey, that's as good as flipping a coin.

- And it made-- exactly. Why not?