AES Ohio crews turn focus to investigating cause of Montgomery County outage

UPDATE @ 7:52 p.m.: The number of reported outages for AES Ohio customers in Montgomery County now stands at 19.

Crews are continuing their investigation in an attempt to pinpoint the probable cause of the outages.

UPDATE @ 7:18 p.m.: The number of reported outages for AES Ohio customers in Montgomery County has dropped to approximately 2,815, according to the online outage map.

Crews are focusing on an AES Ohio substation on Dorothy Lane, company spokeswoman Mary Ann Kabel said.

UPDATE @ 6:33 p.m.: AES Ohio has crews in Oakwood and Kettering trying to pinpoint the source and probable cause of the power outage that has left approximately 10,522 Montgomery County customers without power, AES spokeswoman Mary Ann Kabel tells News Center 7.

Residents who have contacted our newsroom since the outage was first reported about 5:40 p.m. tell us there is no electric service in the area around the Fraze Pavilion in the 600 block of Lincoln Park Boulevard, near the area of Bulah Avenue and East Dorothy Lane and One Lincoln Park Boulevard at 590 Isaac Prugh Way.

We will continue to update this developing report as we learn more.


The AES Ohio online outage map is showing more than 10,000 Montgomery County customers are without power this afternoon.

Approximately 3,202 of those outages are being reported in the Kettering area, south and southwest of state Route 835, according to the outage map.

The map is showing current outages by county are 10,510 for Montgomery County at 5:47 p.m.

The probable cause of the outage or outages is not known.

News Center 7 has reached out to AES Ohio for comment about the situation and we are awaiting an update.

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