Breck Girls Hockey Team Strives For Playoff Success Despite Coaching Change

The Breck School's girls' hockey team had to navigate the back half of the season under new coaching, Norman Seawright III reports (1:37). WCCO 4 News At 6 - March 18, 2021

Video Transcript

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: And the Breck School's girls hockey team [? have ?] to navigate the back half of the season under new coaching. They're still chasing their fourth straight title without former head coach, Steve Pershing. They're in sectional playoffs tonight. And opponents who might hope to find the Mustangs slipping might be disappointed.

Former Olympic forward, Tricia Luoma and Wisconsin grad and current pro, Abby Rokke share head coaching duty for Breck's girls hockey team.

TRICIA LUOMA: Myself, and Abby, and Leah can really help bring that knowledge to these girls so that they can put it together.

SADIE LINDSAY: We're just trying to take things in stride, and just keep moving forward, and accept that things are changing, and, obviously, this year has been a big change year for everybody.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: Although the coaching change happens suddenly in the middle of the season.

SADIE LINDSAY: Yeah, I mean, it's been good. It's just been a good teaching experience this year.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: The Mustangs understand better than most that the only thing promised in life is that it will change. But they've been at a state tournament three times. They have the experience, the determination, the hard work, and the support of their alumni. So they could make it four.

MALIA COUSER: Need to work hard each and every game to get back to where we were. And we need to know that we can't just go on the ice and go through the motions. We have to go work hard, be gritty, and win each game one at a time.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: They don't worry about it. There's still a job to do.

EMILY ZUMWINKLE: What keeps us going is, like, we've won the last three state tournaments. And I think it's really something that we strive for to get to, and I think that's what's all motivating us right now is to get to that point where we were last year.

NORMAN SEAWRIGHT III: But they'll do it together.

So a whole state full of teams who want to stop them from getting that fourth straight title, but this is a very good team.

- All right, Norman. Thank you.