Brentford vs Leeds LIVE: Premier League result and final score as Jack Harrison seals survival

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Raphinha is challenge by goalkeeper David Raya (PA)
Raphinha is challenge by goalkeeper David Raya (PA)

Leeds United travel to Brentford today knowing they must collect more points than Burnley today to stay in the Premier League.

After Everton secured their top-flight status for another season in midweek, it will be either Burnley or Leeds who follow Watford and Norwich down to the Championship. Burnley have a home match against Newcastle United but Leeds must concentrate on their own job against an 11th-place Brentford side who will be motivated to finish their impressive debut campaign top half.

“Going into the match we want to be aggressive, we know we want to win and if we win we give ourselves the best chance,” Leeds manager Jesse Marsch told reporters on Friday. “I’ve been in these situations before, if it’s the last day you need to know a bit of what's going on in the other matches. We will have communication with the team at half-time but the focus is to have a good start to bring ourselves into the match and get an early lead, and that can put pressure on Burnley.”

Follow all the action from the relegation battle below.

Brentford vs Leeds Premier League updates

  • Leeds need to better Burnley’s result to stay up

  • Brentford — Raya; Ajer, Jansson(C), Bech Sørensen, Henry; Jensen, Janelt, Eriksen; Mbeumo, Toney, Wissa.

  • Leeds — Meslier; Koch, Llorente, Cooper(C), Firpo; Phillips; Raphinha, Greenwood, Rodrigo, Harrison; Gelhardt.

  • 22 min: Joe Gelhardt goal ruled out by VAR for offside

  • 61 min: GOAL! Raphina scores from the spot, Brentford 0-1 Leeds

  • 78 min: GOAL! Sergi Canos equalises, Brentford 1-1 Leeds

Brentford FC 1 - 2 Leeds United FC

Full time: Brentford 1-2 Leeds United, Burnley 1-2 Newcastle

18:01 , Sarah Rendell

Leeds players are crying, collapsing on the floor in delight, throwing their shirts to fans and embracing manager Jesse Marsch.

It was an incredible performance after a nervous start from Leeds.

They have gone over to the 2,000 Leeds fans who are celebrating wildly! What an amazing day for Leeds.

You have to feel for Burnley, they weren’t in the relegation zone heading into the final round but Newcastle’s two strikes proved too much.

Full-time: Brentford 1-2 Leeds United, Burnley 1-2 Newcastle

17:58 , Sarah Rendell

Burnley have been relegated from the Premier League.

Wilson’s two goals have sunk their ambitions of staying in the top flight as Leeds held out for a draw against Brentford.

There were close calls for Burnley in the closing minutes, knowing they had to score to be in a chance after pulling one back from Cornet.

But Leeds’ penalty, scored by Raphinha, and a late Harrison goal has been enough to keep the side up, despite conceding a late Canos goal.

Leeds are going wild!

Brentford 1-2 Leeds United, Burnley 1-2 Newcastle 90 + 5 mins

17:57 , Sarah Rendell

Leeds are going absolutely crazy!

A corner ball came in and Brentford defended well but Harrison charged through with a beauty to score

GOAL! Brentford 1-2 Leeds United (Harrison 90+4)

17:56 , Sarah Rendell

That’s surely it! What a goal to keep his side in the Premier League.

Brentford 1-1 Leeds, Burnley 1-2 Newcastle 90 +2 min

17:52 , Sarah Rendell

There are four minutes added for Burnley to find an equaliser, while Leeds have five minutes added!

This is going to come down to the wire and I am on the edge of my seat! I don’t know about you!

Brentford 1-1 Leeds, Burnley 1-2 Newcastle 90 min

17:50 , Sarah Rendell

Burnley fans have their phones gripped to their hands and they have just let out a big sigh of relief as Pope saves them again! A great save from the keeper.

All Burnley need is a goal and they stay up but it is Newcastle who keep coming forward to create chances.

The hosts come close but Dubravka comes through with the save. Time is running out for Burnley here.

Brentford 1-1 Leeds, Burnley 1-2 Newcastle, 85 min

17:45 , Sarah Rendell

What an action packed last few mintues! Canos was booked for his goal celebration, he took his shirt off, and then he is booked again for a foul!

Let’s do the maths from his equaliser though. It sees Leeds a point of Burnley in the table as they are still losing to Newcastle.

If Burnley can find as equaliser they will stay up! They have just had three quick corners but they haven’t taken advantage!

Huge last minutes here.

RED CARD! Brentford 1-1 Leeds (Canos, 80)

17:42 , Sarah Rendell

Canos made a cracking header to level the scores!

But he has been booked twice in quick succession.

Brentford had just gone down to 10 due to injuries and now they are down to nine!

GOAL! Brentford 1-1 Leeds Untied (Canos, 78)

17:39 , Sarah Rendell

Oh wow, now that changes things!

Brentford 0-1 Leeds, Burnley 1-2 Newcastle 76 min

17:36 , Sarah Rendell

Burnley are looking frustrated as they try and pull off this comeback, they do need to score soon.

A draw will also give them hope as if Brentford hit back, it would be Leeds who are relegated.

So much maths at play here!

Brentford 0-1 Leeds, Burnley 1-2 Newcastle 71 min

17:33 , Sarah Rendell

The goal was a beauty, Dubravka initially repelled the shot but Cornet hit the rebound in.

The goal hasn’t made a difference to the table, they need two more to stay up as things stand.

If Leeds hold their lead and Burnley go onto lose Burnley will be relegated.

GOAL! Burnley 1-2 Newcastle (Cornet, 69)

17:31 , Sarah Rendell

Burnley have pulled one back!

Could they do this? Two more goals are needed.

Brentford 0-1 Leeds, Burnley 0-2 Newcastle 69 min

17:29 , Sarah Rendell

There may be less than 2,000 Leeds fans at Brentford’s home stadium but it’s thunderous now they are in the driving seat!

Leeds and Brentford are still going toe-to-toe and it’s an interesting battle.

Meanwhile, Tarkowski has fouled and Newcastle have a free kick. Trippier is the taker but Burnley head to safety.

If you are just tuning in, as things stand Leeds will remain in the top flight as they are currently three points clear of the relegation zone.

Brentford 0-1 Leeds, Burnley 0-2 Newcastle 64 min

17:24 , Sarah Rendell

Burnley fans have their hands on their head, Saint-Maximin poked the ball through to Wilson for a one-on-one with Pope. The forward tapped it home and now Burnley will need three goals if they are to stay up with Leeds in control at the Community Stadium.

Wilson’s latest goal has filtered through to the supporters at the Community Stadium and they are celebrating!

Burnley had a corner but the header goes wide.

GOAL! Burnley 0-2 Newcastle (Wilson, 60)

17:22 , Sarah Rendell

Oh no, Wilson slices home and this is a mountain for Burnley to climb now!

Brentford 0-1 Leeds, Burnley 0-1 Newcastle, 60 min

17:21 , Sarah Rendell

There was no doubt at all with the VAR check taking no time at all for Raya’s blunder, which also earned him a yellow card. Raphinha’s hit has put Leeds three points ahead of Burnley, who are still losing to Newcastle.

The Leeds fans are all that can be heard in the stadium, what a moment!

Burnley now have to beat Newcastle if things remain as they are.

Brentford have made a chance as Jensen comes off for Dasilva.

GOAL! Brentford 0-1 Leeds United (Raphinha, 56)

17:18 , Sarah Rendell

What a strike! Raphinha may have just hit Leeds into staying in the Premier League!

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-1 Newcastle, 60 min

17:16 , Sarah Rendell

Leeds have a penalty! This could be interesting!!

Raya takes out the last man.

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-1 Newcastle 55 min

17:15 , Sarah Rendell

Dubravka has already been forced to make a save as Burnley start brightly, knowing they need to score to remain in the Premier League.

Remember if Burnley and Leeds both draw it will be Burnley who stay up.

Mbeumo has got on the end of another Eriksen cross but he can’t capitilise, it has been a frustrating afternoon for the star.

Raya has also had to make a save as Rodrigo goes for goal! It’s starting to liven up.

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-1 Newcastle, 50 mins

17:11 , Sarah Rendell

Brentford have come out with a bang with a shot just going wide, they are picking up where they left off in the first 45.

Guimaraes has fouled Tarkowski, the Burnley star remaining on the floor for some time. He seems to be okay and had stayed on the pitch.

Scorelines remain the same in the early stages of this second half.

Kick-off! Burnley 0-1 Newcastle

17:08 , Sarah Rendell

Action is also back at Turf Moor.

I believe they may have delayed one to make sure they got back underway at the same time.

Updates in these thrillers to come!

Back underway! Brentford 0-0 Leeds United

17:06 , Sarah Rendell

The action is back underway at the Community Stadium.

Everything is on the line still with it all to play for!

The Leeds match is underway first with Burnley’s fixture kicking off once again in a few minutes.

Half-time: Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-1 Newcastle

17:01 , Sarah Rendell

Heading into the matches today Burnley and Leeds United were equal on points but Burnley were ahead on points difference.

Now Wilson has scored for Newcastle and it remains 0-0 for Leeds, it would be Jesse Marsch’s team who remain in the top flight by just one point!

There’s a huge 45 minutes to come.

Half-time: Burnley 0-1 Newcastle

16:50 , Sarah Rendell

Newcastle almost doubled their lead before the break but Pope was Burnley’s saviour once again.

The visitors have been the stronger side with Burnley only having one good shot at goal through McNeil.

But Newcastle do have the upperhand after Collins handballed. Wilson slotted a fine penalty which means as things stand Leeds will stay in the top flight with Burnley going down by just a point.

Half-time: Brentford 0-0 Leeds

16:48 , Sarah Rendell

The score reflects how the game has been so far.

There have been chances for both sides but as the half-time drew closer Brentford looked the stronger side. Defensive and midfield errors from Leeds are putting the hosts in great positions.

But as things stand Leeds will be staying up thanks to Newcastle being ahead.

There’s five minutes added in that one after Joelinton’s injury.

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-1 Newcastle, 43 min

16:43 , Sarah Rendell

What a hit for Burnley, they were so close to equalising but McNeil’s shot sails over the bar. That was close and it had Dubravka nervous!

This day is far from over but as things stand Burnley are the ones heading to the Championship after Wilson’s penalty. Leeds are playing well against Brentford but it does feel a matter of time before the goals start flowing in that one.

Wissa is the latest to have an attempt, it has been all Brentford in front of goal for the past few minutes.

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-1 Newcastle, 38 mins

16:39 , Sarah Rendell

The last few minutes it has been all defence for Burnley as Newcastle go through the gears. The visitors won a free kick but the shot drifts over the head of Burn.

And it remains an even affair at the Community Stadium. Brentford are getting more opportunities but their final touch isn’t coming off at the moment.

The hosts have managed to get a great shot on target there but Raya does well to poke it over the bar.

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-1 Newcastle, 33 mins

16:33 , Sarah Rendell

Firpo shot is way wide, much to the delight and jeers of the Brentford fans.

At the start of these matches Leeds looked to be the more nervous side but they are growing well into this match. Phillips defends a cross well but concedes a throw in. A header comes from Toney but the ball floats across the front of goal.

And while thye have gone behind, Burnley are starting to come to life against Newcastle. The latest chance saw the ball bounce around the box before Trippier headed teh ball calmly to Debravka.

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-1 Newcastle, 28 min

16:29 , Sarah Rendell

Leeds have looked brighter since that close chance, they are alive! Ball after ball being sent into the box at the moment.

They also may have had a message on the pitch about Burnley’s score which means, as things stand, Leeds will stay in the top flight.

Burnley are also hammering at the door of Newcastle with a corner being sent in but Dubravka deals with the attempt well.

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-1 Newcastle, 22 min

16:23 , Sarah Rendell

There was almost a goal for Leeds too as Gelhardt hits the back of the net but he is judged offside!

But as things stand after that Newcastle penalty, Burnley will be the club going down! In the table at the moment Leeds are a point ahead of them.

GOAL! Burnley 0-1 Newcastle (Wilson, 18)

16:20 , Sarah Rendell

Well, well, well as things stand Burnley will be relegated!

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-0 Newcastle, 20 mins

16:19 , Sarah Rendell

Toney is furious as he believes Harrison has fouled him but the ref sides with the Leeds man. Toney should have passed to Wissa quicker and Brentford could have been through on goal. The hosts in that one starting brighter than the visitors.

In the Burnley game, things are slow and steady with Newcastle maintaining possession. Burnley were doing well to hunt down any build-up play but Guimaraes has had the best chance of the match. Pope does well to block the shot but concedes a corner. Pope does well again to punch the ball away but Collins could have a hand to this and he does! Penalty to come.

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-0 Newcastle, 15 min

16:15 , Sarah Rendell

Murphy is coming on for the injured Joelinton, who looks in a lot of pain after clutching his ankle.

Meanwhile, Leeds have ahad a chance with Harrison crossing in a good ball but Raphinha can’t get to the ball to connect. The first bit of promise for the club so far.

Now Brentford have had a punt, Eriksen setting up Wissa but it just sails over the head of the forward.

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-0 Newcastle, 10 mins

16:11 , Sarah Rendell

More of the same form both games at the moment. The only chance coming from Brentford after that early corner. Leeds nerves have persisted but so far it hasn’t translated into a goal.

While there has been a break in play at Burnley’s fixture as Joelinton is down with an injury. He is receiving a lot of attention, a stretcher is coming onto the pitch and it looks as though he is leaving the field.

Unsure of who is replacing him but I’ll bring you that as soon as I know.

Brentford 0-0 Leeds, Burnley 0-0 Newcastle, 5 mins

16:06 , Sarah Rendell

It’s been a slightly nervous start from Leeds, Llorente has conceded an early corner. Eriksen took the punt but it came to nothing.

Aside from the early corner there isn’t too much to report from the Community Stadium.

Burnley and Newcastle has started slowly with both teams finding their feet in this one. The visitors have had more of the possession.

Kick off!

16:00 , Sarah Rendell

Brentford vs Leeds and Burnley vs Newcastle are underway.

It is a tense day for Leeds and Burnley, who will be in the Championship and who can hold onto the Premier League?

A HUGE 90 minutes to come...

Relegation battle

15:48 , Sarah Rendell

We are just over 10 minutes away from kick-off and so it is worth going over what each club needs to do in order to stay up. Both Brentford vs Leeds and Burnley vs Newcastle kick-off at 4pm.

For Leeds if they win they would need Burnley to draw or lose to stay up. If Burnley also win, Burnley would remain in the top flight.

If they draw they will need Burnley to lose to maintain their Premier League status. If Burnley also draw or win, Leeds would be relegated.

If they lose it’s much more simple - they will be relegated.

For Burnley, if they win they will remain in the Premier League no matter the result of the Leeds match.

If Burnley draw, Burnley will need Leeds to also draw or lose their match to stay in the top flight.

If Burnley lose they will also need Leeds to lose their game or they would be relegated.

Relegation battle

15:40 , Sarah Rendell

Leeds and Burnley have vowed to continue to lead calls for an investigation into Everton’s finances irrespective of the consequences of Sunday’s Premier League finale.

One of the two clubs, who have jointly written to the Premier League claiming Everton have seriously breached financial rules, will face relegation after the final round of fixtures.

But the PA news agency understands they have expressed ongoing solidarity in their quest to determine whether Everton’s reported three-year losses of £371.8million over the last three years breach financial rules.

Read the full story:

Leeds and Burnley to push for Everton investigation regardless of league outcome

Relegation battle

15:30 , Sarah Rendell

Mike Jackson has given no thought to what his job situation might be come Monday morning as he puts everything into Burnley’s relegation decider against Newcastle on Sunday.

Jackson, 48, stepped up from his role as the under-23s boss when Sean Dyche was abruptly sacked last month.

He has taken 11 points from seven games to put Burnley’s fate in their own hands when they host the Magpies on the final day, needing to match Leeds’ result at Brentford to stay up.

Such has been the rejuvenation at Turf Moor in the last few weeks that Jackson should be considered a candidate for the full-time job himself, even though he has consistently downplayed that suggestion.

“I’ve just not thought about that at all,” he said. “All my thoughts have been how can we achieve what we want to do. We’ve not spoken about it. We’ve not had time to even think about that. My full focus has been on trying to achieve this.

“Let’s see what happens on Monday morning. Fingers crossed everything goes how we want, then we’ll have a good Monday.”

Mike Jackson keeping attention on relegation battle, not full-time Burnley job

Relegation battle

15:15 , Sarah Rendell

Everyone has been throwing their opinion in to who they believe will be relegate, particularly pundits.

Gary Neville has offered his thoughts on social media and Jesse Marsch won’t be happy with his opinion. “To me, I think Leeds are going to go down, by the way,” said Neville on Instagram.

“I think they are going to get caught. I might be wrong. But I think they are going to be in big trouble. They are in big trouble, Leeds.

“Financially, they will be under huge stress if they go down. Most teams are when they go down from the Premier League. That’s the huge gap that exists between the money in the Premier League and in the Championship.

“But I think Leeds, I never thought this could happen to them, they have got a massive week, as have Burnley and Everton as well. I think them two will get out of it.”

 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)

Burnley team news

15:08 , Sarah Rendell

Burnley's caretaker manager Mike Jackson has named his starting XI for their crucial Premier League clash against Newcastle.

Ben Mee and Jay Rodriguez don't make the squad after being doubts ahead of the fixture, while Matthew Lowton is suspended. Johann Berg Gudmundsson, Ashley Westwood, Erik Pieters and Matej Vydra are all unavailable.

Burnley: Pope, Roberts, Long, Collins, Tarkowski, Taylor, Brownhill, Cork, McNeil, Cornet, Barnes

Subs: Hennessey, Bardsley, Thomas, Stephens, Lennon, Dodgson, Weghorst, Costelloe, McGlynn.

Newcastle, meanwhile, have named their starting squad.

Chris Wood, Fabian Schar and Ryan Fraser are doubts for Newcastle. Joe Willock, Isaac Hayden, Jonjo Shelvey, Javier Manquillo and Jamal Lewis are set to miss out.

Newcastle: Dubravka, TRippier, Lascelles, Burn, Targett, Guimaraes, Longstaff, Joelinton, Almiron, Saint-Maximin, Wilson.

Subs: Darlow, Dummett,Schar, Ritchie, Krafth, Fernandez, Wood, Murphy, Gayle.

Brentford vs Leeds United team news

15:02 , Sarah Rendell

Brentford have revealed their starting 11 but they are without Ethan Pinnock.

Brentford: Raya, Ajer, Jansson, Bech, Henry, Janelt, Jensen, Eriksen, Mbeumo, Wissa, Toney.

Subs: Fernandez, Canos, Dasilva, Onyeka, Jeanvier, Baptiste, Roerslev, Stevens, Young-Coombs.

Leeds United manager Jesse Marsch has announced his starting 11 for their all-important clash against Brentford.

Bamford was said to be returning to the matchday squad but he isn’t included and has not played since March.

Dan James and Luke Ayling are suspended and Stuart Dallas, Adam Forshaw and Tyler Roberts all out injured.

Leeds: Meslier, Firpo, Koch, Cooper, Llorente, Phillips, Harrison, Rodrigo, Raphinha, Greenwood, Gelhardt

Subs: Klaesson, Struijk, Hjelde, Cresswell, Shackleton, Bate, Klich, Gray, Roberts

Relegation battle

14:43 , Sarah Rendell

If Leeds were hoping for an easy route then Brentford’s manager Thomas Frank has set them straight in the lead up to their final match of the season.

Leeds need to win at the Community Stadium to put themselves in a best position to stay in the Premier League, though in that instance Leeds would need Burnley to draw or lose.

But Brentford won’t give them an easy ride, says Frank: “The players train very hard, and I can’t see them taking their foot off the gas and not going max power on Sunday.

“There can be that little bit of freedom but when you cross that line you go into match mode and want to win. I know we will focus on trying to win it, as we have done any other game. We have a chance to go top 10 so we will do that. We will come with everything.”

Read the full story:

Brentford will be on ‘max power’ against Leeds, Thomas Frank insists

Relegation battle

14:27 , Sarah Rendell

Burnley forward Ashley Barnes has claimed there are some referees who would be happy to see the club relegated this weekend due to an undeserved reputation for playing ugly.

Barnes was penalised for a debatable handball at Tottenham – with Harry Kane’s resulting spot-kick the difference in a 1-0 defeat – but Burnley did not get a penalty for a similar incident involving Lucas Digne at Villa Park on Thursday night.

Mike Jackson’s side ended that match with 10 men as substitute Matt Lowton was sent off late on, a decision Burnley will appeal against, but Barnes said it was part of a pattern as they prepare for Sunday’s relegation showdown against Newcastle.

“I think in recent seasons people look at us and think we’re a hard team, being ugly,” Barnes said. “No disrespect, I think people, even referees, want us gone from the league.

“That’s just another issue we have to overcome. We’ve just got to concentrate on the game ourselves.”

Read the full story:

Ashley Barnes: Even some referees want Burnley to get relegated

Relegation battle

14:13 , Sarah Rendell

Burnley’s caretaker manager Mike Jackson wants no change in mentality going into Sunday’s relegation decider against Newcastle but admitted his players must manage the emotions of the game.

“I think every game we’ve had since I’ve been here, they’ve said it’s a must,” he said. “We must get something out of this game or that game, and the lads have been delivering. The performances have been strong.

“In the Villa game at home we made some errors, we made an error for the goal last night, but the players have had that around them now for the last six or seven games, they’re used to living in that and that will stand them in good stead.

“We know Sunday is going to be emotional. We’ll try and take that out of it, use some of it, take a bit of fire from it and go and attack the moment again.”

Read the full story:

Mike Jackson demands one final push for survival as Burnley host Newcastle

Relegation battle

13:58 , Sarah Rendell

The final day of the Premier League presents oppotunities for many clubs with the relegation battle being the closest among them.

Leeds and Burnley enter the last day of the season on the same points, only separated by goal difference, and either one could be in the Championship next season.

Miguel Delaney has written about the tension of the final round: “Gareth Farrelly was responsible for the single kick against Coventry that kept Everton up in 1997-98 but can mostly remember the range of thoughts and emotions running through his mind. “Fear, pressure, realisation of importance, excitement, energy,” he tells The Independent, before finally: “Release, relief.”

“This is what Leeds will have to reckon with at Brentford, and Burnley at home to Newcastle United, respectively. The awkwardness of the fixtures, against two upwardly mobile teams, could further upend things.

“Burnley’s home advantage could also be offset by the knowledge that relegation would have far greater consequences for them than it would for Leeds.”

Read the full piece:

‘Mad things happen’: A final day where one kick could change everything

Relegation battle

13:43 , Sarah Rendell

Leeds United’s manager Jesse Marsch is confident he will keep his job even if the club are relegated from the Premier League this afternoon.

The side have already dispatched of much-beloved boss Marcelo Bielsa this season after a spell of poor results but Marsch believes he won’t see the same fate.

He said: “When we talked about coming, this was about a long-term project and I’m thankful that the club committed to me in that way.

“Now you always know as a manager, when things get tough you never know what the future can hold. But I believe the connections we have made and the work, style and ideas of what we think this football life is, really mesh well together.

“The support I’ve had from everyone has been amazing, but right now in this moment I’m not thinking about the long-term project, only about Sunday and preparing for that.”

Read the full story:

Jesse Marsch expects to remain at Leeds even if they are relegated

Relegation battle

13:27 , Sarah Rendell

Burnley and Leeds United have asked the Premier League to form a panel to decide if Everton should be punished for breaching financial rules.

A joint letter from Burnley and Leeds was sent a week ago asking for the league to have an independent commission rapidly look into Everton’s financial losses.

The letter was sent before Everton secured its league survival with a game to spare on Thursday night. Burnley and Leeds are trying to avoid being the third and final team relegated on the final day of the season on Sunday.

The two clubs want to know where the league is at in investigating Everton’s losses of £371.8million over the last three years. The league allows clubs to record losses of only £105m over three years.

Read the full story:

Leeds and Burnley demand Premier League action over Everton’s financial losses

Relegation battle

13:14 , Sarah Rendell

Leeds will have to pull off a win without some of their biggest stars this afternoon.

Dan James and Luke Ayling are suspended and Stuart Dallas, Adam Forshaw and Tyler Roberts all out injured. Striker Patrick Bamford could return on the bench but he hasn’t played since March.

 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)

Burnley, meanwhile, have doubts in Ben Mee and Jay Rodriguez and Matthew Lowton is suspended. Johann Berg Gudmundsson, Ashley Westwood, Erik Pieters and Matej Vydra are all unavailable.

The confirmed team news and line-ups are expected at 3pm for both clubs with kick-off coming at 4pm.

Relegation battle

13:02 , Sarah Rendell

The heat is on for Leeds, and I don’t just mean the weather, as they need to win against Brentford this afternoon. Anything but three points would be risky for their top flight hopes with a loss meaning they would be playing Championship football next season.

While the pressure and emotion may be felt throughout the team, manager Jesse Marsch has urged his players to remain calm.

“I’ve tried to reiterate that it’s massively important for our players to feel that,” the boss said. “There was one match recently where I read a letter from a fan to the players beforehand. I said to them that it’s special to be a player for Leeds United and is unique in many ways.

“The letter said that the players are their heroes and I wanted to make sure they understood that.

“Yes, I know that big moments like this always stir a lot of emotion. But I hope the fans find a way, no matter what, to be at our side and to know we’re going to get this right on Sunday.”

Kick-off will be at 4pm today with all league matches kicking off at the same time.

Relegation battle

12:55 , Sarah Rendell

So what do each side need to do to remain in the top flight? Heading into this final round both Leeds and Burnley are on 35 points but Leeds are the ones in the relegation zone due to goal difference.

For Leeds if they win they would need Burnley to draw or lose to stay up. If Burnley also win, Burnley would remain in the top flight.

If they draw they will need Burnley to lose to maintain their Premier League status. If Burnley also draw or win, Leeds would be relegated.

If they lose it's much more simple - they will be relegated.

For Burnley, if they win they will remain in the Premier League no matter the result of the Leeds match.

If Burnley draw, Burnley will need Leeds to also draw or lose their match to stay in the top flight.

If Burnley lose they will also need Leeds to lose their game or they would be relegated.

12:51 , Lawrence Ostlere

Who will stay up and who will go down? Leeds and Burnley go to the wire on this final day of the Premier League season...